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theoretically how much rest do you need in between PE??

theoretically how much rest do you need in between PE??

Hi guys,

I’ve gotten alot of support and feedback from many of you’s so I’d like to say thanks for all the support so far, you’ve all been great. First off my LOT is at around 6 o’clock (straight down), something I use in my routine is called the PJ device (it has a handle with 2 rollers that come together when the handle is compressed), anyways a few people on here say that with the kind of LOT I have I should concentrate (say if I’m standing up) on outwards and upwards for direction…just wondering if this makes any sence to any of you’s?? My 2nd question is how much rest do you need in between for PE exercises, I’ve heard some say you only need like 8 hours which means you could do it everyday, I’ve also heard some say that you gain during rest but with routines such as 2 days on, 1 day off, ect…which confuses me because if your gains come during rest then the 2 days your doing back to back would be like doing it 7 days a week or even lets say 6 days a week, only giving your penis a rest period of the time from when you do it the first time to the 2nd time on the 2nd day, then your 3rd day would be a rest day….usually I’ll do my routine 3 times per day, in the morning, afternoon, and around supper before 6 o’clock, then my rest period is from 6 o’clock to about 11 AM the next day which gives me about 16 hours of rest, any feedback with the questions I’d like answered would be great, thanks!

Its very hard to read this with no paragraphing Allen.

OK, what you are saying is consistent with the LOT theory, i.e. there are no good gains to be had from the ligs so concentrate on the tunica. With a LOT of 6 (you’re sure of that right?) any angle above straight down should be working the tunica.

Rest time is a curious thing. What you need to try and do is work out what works best for you. I found a starting days on/days off routine of 3:1 worked for me but then I switched to 5:2 when 3:1 became less effective.

The penis is great at self repair and does so mostly overnight but some people have found that working small routines through the day has been effective, i.e not allowing time for recuperation.

The biggest thing is what works for you, try your routine for a month then, if it feels ineffective, modify it.

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