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The Tunica

The Tunica

Can someone provide me with a diagram or something showing where the tunica is located?

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I think it will take three:

Cross section - the tunica albuginea of the penis is the tough covering of the erectile chambers. It’s like the casing on a sausage. The tunica surrounds both the corpora cavernosa (the two main erectile tissues) and the corpus spongiosum (the smaller erectile tissue around the urethra).

Side view - The blue part shows the location of the tunica surrounding the corpora cavernosa (CC).

Three corpora - This shows the bare corpora cavernosa (purple) and how they attach to the bone, it also shows the corpus spongiosum (CS) and glans, which are separate structures with no direct connection to the CC. The glans has no tunica, but the CS does up to the connection with the glans (pink).

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