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The persistence of a healthy erection

The persistence of a healthy erection


I’ve anxiously started a couple of threads here over the last year, worrying about the health of my genitalia - all due to my tendency towards hypochondria, and the recent venous leak scare that’s plagued the PE community. Hopefully this will be my very last of that kind. :)

I might have asked a similar question lately, but I’ll post this one anyhow.

Generally, I don’t have any issues with my EQ whatsoever. When lying in bed, I get spontaneous (as well as nightly and morning-) erections lasting from 15 minutes up to more than half an hour. I never experience difficulties with EQ during intercourse, and always get fully hard when I masturbate, etc.

But recently, I read a thread at a forum somewhere, where the poster claimed that the fact that his erection while standing, when stimulation seized, started to slowly subside within 10-15 seconds was a sign of this dreaded venous leak. I think this is completely irrational, and a faulty diagnosis. As far as I can remember, the erection has always started to slowly subside when I’ve gotten up on my feet and forgotten about it (unless insanely aroused), and I’ve no problems at all performing sexually while standing up or anything like that.

So before around fifteen seconds have passed, I’m fully engorged, completely rigid and unbendable. At about fifteen seconds, the 45 degree angle (it regularly almost points to the ceiling while standing) slowly starts to drop, a little by little. After thirty seconds, I’m around 75%, and after a minute around 50-60% (while standing, when all forms of stimulation stops).

This has to be normal, right? I really can’t get this out of my head, so any replies reassuring me that this is an example of a perfectly normal, healthy penis would be most welcome. The fact that I have no issues with my erection (or penis in any other way) whatsoever, and easily can achieve one in almost any circumstance should probably be enough to convince myself, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be.

Hopefully, someone else might benefit from the answers to this question as well.

Cheers all!

Lol, brief and to the point. :)

Thanks for your reply. I hope my future posts will be a bit more constructive.

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