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Question: Adderall and erection quality

Question: Adderall and erection quality

This is probably one for the supplements board. But I’m still a n00b. Anyways..


What supplement can I take with adderall to improve my erection quality? Should I do hormone testing to see if my testosterone is out of whack? Does anyone have any experience with this?

Short Story:

I have been taking adderall almost everyday for about a year and (until about a few months ago) have been able to keep doing PE exercises. I would take a 20mg xr capsule in the morning and was still able to do exercises and get an erection etc. I even saw some growth. Sometimes I would travel to visit a lady friend not take it, have sex, and perform well without much anxiety. Last semester I stopped doing exercises because I didn’t want my dick to be worn out before making the sex. The reason being that I had a new lady friend who was actually at my college. The problem was that when we would hook up I would still be speeding on 20mg of adderall. I couldn’t *not* take it because I needed it to study and for class. I also believed that I should be able to get an erection and perform anyways (I have had sex on adderall and it is actually rather amazing). But alas nothing would happen. There are a myriad of related psychological reasons why I couldn’t get it up for this particular girl. They are, at least, indicated by the fact that even when I would not take it I would still not be able to get an erection.

The stress of this particular relationship also got to me. I have having heart palpitations and left arm numbness. I was also suffering from paranoia and insomnia. All of which completely freaked me out and resulted in my stopping adderall completely but the symptoms persisted. I went to a doctor. Turned out my heart was fine (very healthy even). The symptoms went away after the doctor dispelled them. I later asked about a temporary viagra prescription but my neurologist and family practitioner were both incredibly reluctant to write a scrip for me. They said I was healthy and young and should not have sexual health problems (lovely). They also talked about the possibility of seeing a urologist and testing my testosterone levels. In the end I decided to have my prescription lowered and switched to IR.

The IRs work all right. There is less bite to them and my rational is that I will be long off them by the time I get around to having sex in the evening. But the relationship has since ended and the semester is over so I didn’t get to test my theory.

I am more or less normal now but my eq is utter crap. I can’t get it up at all, for anything. If I do I last for a few seconds. Masturbation is straight up not pleasurable. Sex seems out of the question. Finally doing PE is just impossible: it is impractical because I can’t stay erect.

I have always had a ton of anxiety about sex and, to date, I have only performed adequately for one girl. But with this particular girl I had to go through absolute psychological hell to get over my inhibitions so I could have sex with her. So.. I can’t seem to separate what is physiological and psychological. I am depressed as all hell because I feel impotent. I don’t want to pursue lady friends because I don’t want to have to confront the issue of my dysfunctional penis. Finally, the hormone testing seems expensive, time consuming, and embarrassing (my parents would have to know why I am doing all this testing if they are going to pay for it).

Does anyone have any experience with this?

I have had a sightly similar experience, I won’t go into great details, but basically a girlfriend cheated on me with another guy, I knew it, but never brought it up with her for fear of losing her (wouldn’t let myself be played like that now, but I was younger then). I couldn’t really get it up after that, like you, I might be able to get it up for a few seconds, but couldn’t really do anything with it. Then she broke up with me, but the floppiness continued even while I masturbated, although did get a bit better.

I managed to cure it with exercise and I guess what could be considered self-hypnosis. I smoked before this, so I quit smoking and started exercising, just jogging, sprint training, and some body weight exercises at home body weight exercises (with the joys of the Internet these days you can look all those up or just PM me for details). For the self-hypnosis I would stand in front of a mirror staring myself down (kind of like boxers do at the weigh in), breathing deeply (in the yoga sense, inflating my stomach) and basically getting myself pumped up by telling myself how awesome I am, how bad ass I am, that I could f&%k the living s@&t out of any girl I wanted. I guess it is a personal thing, so I would recommend trying certain sentences and ideas out, whatever leaves you feeling pumped and a bad mo fo is doing the trick.

Writing it all down like this it all sounds like rubbish, but at the time my rational for all this was that my confidence was the problem, and it did all work, I started to feel physically fitter and stronger, and the pump up sessions left me feeling mentally stronger and more determined. And it did work, I could some how feel it all fitting together, and then it was a sudden thing that I got a normal erection again

I never consulted a physician about this, I was young and stupid, but it worked, so who cares!! People these days (my self included, since I am human) want to take the easy route, they just want to pop a pill to make everything better, Even if it does, it is simply curing the symptoms of a deeper lying problem without actually tackling the problem. There is something that is causing your ED, if you are young and healthy, then I think it is unlikely to be any physiological problem (if it was you wouldn’t have been able to perform for that one girl), but psychological, so no pill is going to cure that, just a change in your mental state. The body and mind are strongly connected, each depends on the other, so get working on both and see what (or who I guess it should be) you can do!

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Yes, probably a good idea to get T levels checked. Otherwise the effects may be due to the amphetamine withdrawal.

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Thanks for the replies gentlemen.

I am curious though. Does anyone have experience taking adderall or other ADHD medications while doing pe or having a sex life? I know that amphetamines can seriously ruin ones sex drive. But they also have the capacity to greatly increase it (I find that this is frustratingly the case for most girls). I also know that vascular constriction can effect erection quality and sexual performance.

My story is tragic but some basic information might do me some good to know what I am dealing with physiologically. My neurologist said that she has *never* seen anyone with my problems and my doctor is working with only one other person my age experiencing similar problems (erectile dysfunction). This all seems very curious because I know of the popular ‘coke dick’ phenomenon and adderall, despite being a prescription drug, is still an amphetamine.

It seems odd that it is not a more commonly reported problem.. And to top it off my doctors seem clueless about and even morally against giving me a viagra scip (all the while saying that my problem will simply go away, that it ‘won’t last forever’). I don’t want to complain to them that I will never have an opportunity to solve my psychological issues with sex if I can’t ever get a girl (when the same psychological issues are preventing me from getting with girls in the first place).. They’ll probably direct me to a therapist. The situation seems impossible.

All my self confidence issues aside. Does anyone have any experience with amphetamine withdrawal and sexual performance? Or doing pe and having sex while maintaining an ADHD prescription?

This has been a slow thread..

I’ve been searching on TP to see if there are any threads regarding this issue. It seems to be a common problem that pops up every once and a while. The evidence is a little horrifying: Adderall is simply not good for your sexual health (where this post will probably get more attention.). Most of the threads cut off before the OP can further describe their dilemma/plan to go forward. It seems that the logical solution is to stop taking it. However, this did *not* work for me. I went cold turkey for about 3 weeks and was not settled (although through those 3 weeks I still tried supplements, it is very possible that they actually worsened my ED). I lowered my dose and got on with my life (it seems I truly need the stuff to study). The purpose of this thread is to briefly document some of the effects that various supplements have had on my bod/dick in various combinations while I was on 20mg of Adderall.

Omega 3 EPA 1000mg, DHA 200mg

More energy but not fully accessible energy (in the sense of utilizeable energy for stuff like academic projects/reading). It made working out more enjoyable. I found a thread in the supplements board that said it can cause anxiety. While I was undergoing relationship bullshit and suffering anxiety it is possible that the Omega 3’s exacerbated it. I’ve found that it caused sleeping problems. I believe that I was taking too much and have cut this dose in half to see the effects. Still pending on that.. So far, no effect on my erection quality.

L-Arginine 900mg twice a day

Stupid energy (good for repetitive tasks, again like working out). My workout endurance went up by a lot but the type of energy it gave me was useless for intellectual activities. It felt like it was actually making me stupider (if that makes any sense). L-Arginine in isolation had limited but noticeably negative effects. My erection quality actually went down, surprisingly. I tried it for a month and when I was on and off Adderall and have since stopped. I once took 5 all at once to experiment with the HGH effect but it make me feel so regrettably stupid and obsessive compulsive that I stopped and never tried it again. I’m considering trying taking 4 or 5 during days I workout as a preworkout supplement.

Dopa Mucuna, Velvet Bean Extract (L-Dopa 15%) 800mg, L-Dopa 120mg

Made me very very aggressive. Actually to the point of making some regrettable decisions. It seemed to prolong some of the effects of Adderall. If I felt I was waning on the concentration effects of Adderall I would take the recommended amount of Dopa Mucuna and I would soon be able to concentrate. I tried this on and off for 2 weeks. It increased my libido sometimes to an unbearable point. But it did not do this consistently. It also did not improve my erection quality. At times it seemed to give me near unbearable amounts of sexual energy with no outlet (because my dick did not consistently function). Masturbation was the only solution for this but when I couldn’t get it up I would simply just have to find something to do until I slept or the effect wore off. Very dangerous and psychologically destabilizing for me. Off of Adderall the effects were the same minus the ability to concentrate.

Hawthorn Berries, 565mg

Pleasant. I think it served as a mild anti-anxiety. I took it when I was having the worst of my ‘heart problems’ and it probably psychosomaticly relieved some of the symptoms. I took them everyday for 3 weeks and then sometimes as needed (when I felt my heart working up). It really seemed to stabilize my heart rate, removed palpitations, and overall seemed to improve my heart health. This, so far, is the least dangerous and ‘user-friendly’ supplement I have taken. I haven’t experimented (because I never felt I needed to) with doses and it seems to have no indication of interaction with any of the other supplements. Both on and off Adderall it is pleasant, simply. But, no improvement in erection quality and no effect on my sex drive.

Ginkgo Biloba, 120mg

Old standby. This has, in the past, improved my erection quality and stabilized my mood. I haven’t noticed the memory effects that it is supposed to have. When I was having psychological ED issues years ago it really helped my erections were harder and came more frequently. Also, when I was red balled from intense vascular constriction due to Adderall it would open up circulation to those areas and relieve the pain (my Adderall prescription, I am realizing, really probably was too high.). Recently though it has not served to improve my ED issues. I’ve used it for years, but during the worst of my ED issues it did not seem to help which was very unfortunate.

And yes I have stupidly tried all of these together at the same time for a days and in different combinations. However, only a few had noticeable effects.

L-Dopa+L-Arginine+Omega 3:

By far the most ‘unbearable’ combination. Lots of pent up energy and no outlet. It resulted in poor decision making, an inability to sleep, and a general feeling of stupor. Possibly exacerbated anxiety and paranoia. My noted case of extreme aggression came from this combination. However, it was only on this combination that I truly felt I could have sex and perform well without anxiety. So sexual anxiety was replaced with paranoia and social anxiety. I’ve only tried this a few times and I don’t recommend it. Although my sexual anxiety was displaced I did not not notice any improvement in my EQ.

Gingko+Hawthorn Berries+Omega 3:

Overall no dramatic effect. The supplements in this combination seemed to work subtly. It did not effect my libido and my erection quality but I definitely felt that I could concentrate.

All the listed supplements at once:

For a while (about 1 week) I would start with Omega 3 in the morning at the recommended dose, take the L-Arginine, wait and take the L-Dopa and then take Gingko and the Hawthorn Berry supplements after lunch. This resulted in a lot of the aggressive energy from the L-Dopa to be mitigated. None of the supplements in this combination seemed to potentiate each other. Rather it seemed the Gingko or the Berries were tempering the stupidity from the Arginine and the aggression from the L-Dopa. I was hoping that the combination might unlock the supposed positive sexual benefits of each but this was not the case. But this was not the case. For the amount of weird stuff in my body I felt oddly normal (able to focus, interact with humans, etc. But still nothing that improved my sexual health). Being freaked out by the amount of stuff in my body I dropped off the experiment.

All this occurred over a period of a month and a half and is somewhat ongoing. I am now taking just 10mg of Adderall in the morning and 10mg later if I feel I need it. I experimented for a few days taking half of the Omega 3 dose. In the morning it helps me rouse more easily if I am not taking Adderall. If I take Adderall and the Omega 3 each seems to overshadow the other with the Adderall eventually winning out: there doesn’t seem to be a point. Later in the day it seems to have the effect of an energy drink. No apparent effect on anxiety.

On the list to try: Ginseng, Zinc, Yohimbe Bark (scares the shit out of me though). I am strongly considering going to a Urologist to at least get some of the more serious possible issues out of the way. The only consistent solution I have seen on this board is Cialis. I will try the Ginseng and Zinc for a few weeks first. The Yombimbe Bark I might have to pass on. The other supplement I am optimistic about is Maca. I fear, however, that I am seriously messing with my body’s dopamine and serotonin and might just go cold turkey on everything and just drink coffee when I want to study. Also, since I was not so scientifically minded I did not rigorously track dates and effects. Much of this is from memory. I will perhaps try to document my experience with these other supplements more fully.

I would still appreciate, however, members with experience in this issue pointing me in the right direction or making recommendations.

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Have you looked into PICAMILON, It’s a combination of GABA and Niacin which is absorbed better through the blood/brain barrier and I have to say It’s good stuff for relaxation/sedation/anti-anxiety effects. At higher doses It gives you mental energy without any stimulant sides. Combine this with cialis and you should be good to go, ditch the adderall If you can especially on days you will be having sex.

I never thought Omega3 could exacerbate anxiety. I will have to look into this more. Maybe also try tyrosine + b6.

There is an example of Omega 3 causing anxiety in a gentlemen in this board. Actually, it’s still on the first page: Supplements used and Experiences. I did a Google search and found some interesting stuff: Somewhere on TP there is an extended thread called “The Dopamine Dance” which is very interesting.

Perhaps this bro has a similar biology (bro-ology) to mine. L-Arginine reduced his erection quality. Perhaps because of low blood pressure. Omega 3’s caused anxiety and an inability to get to sleep. I definitely had the latter. Since I was taking a dose of Omega 3’s while the worst of my relationship stuff was happening, it is possible that it exacerbated my anxiety and paranoia. Maybe it even caused it.

Things effects me differently for reasons that I am unaware of (e.g. Opiates allow me to focus, Adderall increases some folks libido but it kills mine, coffee sometimes makes me tired but energy drinks do not).

For the past few days I have just been taking my prescription of Adderall with an energy drink on the side every now and then and it seems like my erection quality has improved. It’s not fantastic but I have decent ‘morning wood’ and seem to, on occasion, get random erections. Two weeks ago that was not a possibility.

My body is confusing and weird.

Cialis adderall and other tihngs

Resurrecting my old thread in light of a recent experience.

Had my testosterone levels tested, the results are normal. I got a Cialis prescription (which very awkward to justify to my parents). I was given three to try. I do not expect to renew this prescription because it is awkward to ask for (the ladies at the pharmacy give me funny looks, speak tersely, and emphasize the “Mr.” when they say my name, oi) and expensive.

Cialis 5mg:
Seems to work quite well, it puts me in a silly mood and I can indeed achieve a satisfactory boner. By day 2 the side effects are going decently but I cannot perform the near heroic sexual feats that I did the night before (as in I cannot just sex forever and not cum). By day three it just feels like when my peen was functioning relatively normally a la my spring semester of my freshmen year at college. Day three is optimal because it feels like I am just able to get a hardon and not doing a sex performance enhancing drug. A curious side effect is that for three days I wake up with a stuffed up nose.

Cialis 5mg+adderall:
Tried this just now. It does not seem to be a viable combination. I can ‘get it up’ but premature ejaculation is an issue. No silly mood or anything. I wonder if they chemically negate each other in some way.

Yohimbe Bark 600mg:
Has a strong anti-anxiety affect. Does not seem to effect my erection having capabilities except idiosyncratically. I do feel that I have larger ‘loads’ but it works so sporadically. As of yet it does not seem to be viable as a solution. Effects are noticeable but idiosyncratic.

Cialis+Yohimbe Bark:
Seems to be absurdly effective, everything works as it should, my peen even seems to be a lot larger flaccid than normal. This is not the case if you add 10mg of adderall to the mix.

Dopa Mucana 800mg:
I gave this another shot, it seems to work well but again it is idiosyncratic. After about 45min to an hour am I sitting around with a boner sort of frustrated however, it seems to leave upon standing up and doing the next thing.

Maca 1 gram:
Does not seem to do anything. I started taking two times the recommended dose and saw some side effects. Mostly it just scrambled my brain and made it difficult to string a sentence together. Unclear on boner side effects, no noticeable improvement.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract 500mg:
This also had the effect of scrambling my brain. I found that I could have the same conversation for a really long time without much worry. I also tend to smell more ‘musky’ after having taken it (testosterone thing). There is no noticeable improvement.

One night I managed to have crazy heroic sexy time I drank a bunch of wine, popped like all of these at once and went about my business. It really worked out and I could perform in every way I wanted to. Highly unscientific, however. Still looking for a solution that will allow me to take adderall and have sex when the opportunity arises not at very specifically timed and planned intervals.

Perhaps rather than focusing on circulation, anxiety or energy; I should instead focus on the pleasure chemicals in my brain or sensitivity in my peen. I am also wary of the effect that all of these supplements might have on my heart.

I have been in therapy addressing ED and lady related issues but it seems that it is more so physiological rather than psychological. Although there is a strong feed back loop (psychological problems exacerbate physiological ones and visa versa). On occasion, I have happily said “what the hell” and gone for sex without any drugs or supplements and my peen seems to work more times than it doesn’t (with some minor to heavy awkwardness). And, if I recall in my barely emotionally functional but surprisingly sexually functional previous relationship, I have no reason to believe that things are broken down there.

Only solution seems to suck it up, have bad sex sometimes, get the lady to spend the evening and utilize morning wood, and quit Adderall.

Again, I send a message out: does anyone have any experience with Adderall and EQ? My goal is to find a supplement that I can take that will allow me to consistently have an erection with a lady present whilst on speed.

My experience with Mucuna pruriens is that it does not work “instantly”: you will have to take it for a least a couple of days before you can feel the effects. Have you tried horny goat weed as well?

I been on Adderall 30mg XR and Adderall 60mg IR for the past year (I’m not taking 90mg a day) for my TBI, ADD, ADHD and PTSD (Auto Accident) this is my experience..
1. Hard to get it up, many times oral or hand job is needed (Talking about pissing off the wife)
2. My erections I can control easier, after getting it up.
3. Ever heard of DE or RE ? Guess what it sucks.
4. Ever wanted to last longer, I’m not talking about 10min longer or 20min either. I’m talking about never, you will loose that power of cumming. Even masturbation won’t help, been some nights I have done it for 2hrs straight and still nothing (I do believe I have seen ever porn made now).
5. Lets piss off the wife, before Adderall I would say 99% we finished together.
6. Pissed off Wife
7.Did I mention pissed off wife?

Has for penis help, no increase to report. In fact it caused a decressed in me.

Many people have report differant side affects from this drug, this is just my side affects with sexual performance issues

My advise
Adderall should not be abused in any way, should not be taking for non medical gains. If you don’t need it don’t take. If you haven issues out side of general doctor care ask to see a special doctor.

I have been taking adderall for years.

I recommend Tadalafil AKA Cialis. Ordered it through someone on here in powder form so as not to worry about prescription bullshit.

Works great, I would fuck for hours straight with only a water and a smoke break to hussle up the action.

Highly recommended for any man who likes his brainpower and his dickpower at the same time.

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