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The Holy Trinity of PE

The Holy Trinity of PE


When starting on your journey towards a bigger, healthier penis, these are the three things you need to live by. Most common mistake anyone can make will PEing will lie in one of these three categories. If you brand these into your head, you won’t have anything to worry about.

PATIENCE: Ask anyone how important this is. PE Veterans can’t stress this enough. This tends to be 95% of the problem out there. Guys want bigger penises, but want to get one in 2 weeks. This spells disaster for any newbie. You’ve had this penis for how many years? Is it going to hurt you to spend a couple more getting the one you want? You’ve waited this long, so you have nothing to lose if you do it right. I’m a Math man myself, naturally everything becomes clearer to me when I break it down mathematically. 1/16” doesn’t sound like much in 2 weeks or even 4 weeks. There are 52 weeks in a year which means over a long period of time, that 1/16” becomes 1.5”-2”. If someone gave you the offer of 1” of penis for a year’s worth of work, would you do it?

CONDITIONING: This becomes a problem when guys are impatient or don’t pay attention to their penis. Listening to rule #1 up there will solve part of this. Don’t start a new or advanced technique until you’re ready. If you are unsure whether or not you are ready, get some input from the boards here. People are very willing to help you out no matter what the situation may be. A lot of PEers don’t pay attention to what their penis is trying to tell them. When your penis hurts a lot, this does not mean you’re doing a good job and you should move on to a better technique. A slight soreness is good, but anything you have to bite your lip on, should probably be removed from your workout or just tone it down a bit. In essence, pay attention to your penis!

ROUTINE: Choosing a routine is the most debatable thing you’ll encounter. Everyone’s penis is different, and so is your routine. I think it is better when you become creative with your workout, even if it is just a slight modification of someone elses. Your routine should be based on what your conditioning is. Start out with shorter workouts (because of conditioning), then as you progress, you may go longer (excuse the pun). The order in which you do exercises are very important. A staple in PE is Warming Up before doing ANYTHING! As time goes by, you can experiment with discretion. Find which routine works best for you.

Now that you know how to approach PE, have fun a don’t try to pick up any of the girls in my town with your bigger dick!

Bib’s LOT Theory - Bib’s LOT Theory 101
(In my opinion, this is mandatory reading)

When magnumxl speaks, people should listen! That is so damn true what you just said magnum. I was having erratic results or none at all when I didn’t have a routine or the right technique all problems based on no patience. Then “I said screw it! I’m just going to do PE as a hobby, something extra in my day!” and then I didn’t think about it and I would do like 30mins more or less of jelq (I didn’t think about that either-the time or strokes or whatever) and I kept on with my life and then boom! A little later I got thicker and a bit longer penis. Now I know how to do the jelq better and I’m concentrating on length. So don’t think about just do it everyday and that is it.


Very true. When you think about it it’s just common sense. Your shaping a body part, not even during surgery do you get the results you want over night.

xlmagnum - 420 posts, groovey! (get it? :) )

Maybe I don't like it, but I have no choice

I know that somewhere, someone hears my voice

xl excellent post. I hope others heed your advice.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Bravo, XL. Very well stated.


Amen. ;)

good job xl. I’d be happy with a 1/2” in a year.

Thanks everyone. I just wanted to help out with one of the most frequent problems out there. I hope it prevents a lot of major and minor injuries, in return giving them what they are ultimately looking for…..a larger, healthier penis.

Perfectly informative, top marks xl ;)

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

This should be a sticky…I would add perseverance or “stick-with-it” :)

I appreciate your remarks. The beautiful thing is that it applies to everyone, not just newbies. Given that as you go further you can withstand more, but always careful not to go too far.

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