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The Girth Struggle

The Girth Struggle

Hi All,

This is my first post on this forum. I have been lurking on Thunder’s Place and PEGym for a couple of years, and have been impressed by the dedication and approach to PE by most members.

This is a post about my struggle in gaining girth. I have PE’ed for about a year in total. Length gains have been very good, but girth gains have been almost non-existent. I have now decided to add pumping to my routine. Any advice is much appreciated!

I started PE in August 2014 because my erect penis only measured 5.3” (BPEL) by 4.3” (EG). I am now 6.1” (BPEL) by 4.4” (EG). My goal is to reach 5” in erect girth and maintain my current erect length of 6.1”.

I have always been taking care of my health by eating a varied and nutritious diet, exercising frequently, sleeping properly, and reducing stress in general.

I was quite sceptical towards PE initially. I started out by doing dry jelqs, often with a 85-95 pct. Erection level. This was my routine according to the journal I maintained:

August 1, 2014:
- 10 mins. Warm-up with towel soaked in hot water
- 1 mins light stretching in all directions
- Dry jelqs: 150 x 3 secs
- 5 mins warm-down with towel soaked in hot water
- 2 days on, 1 day off

To my surprise, I gained around 0.7” (!) in erect length within just 3-4 weeks to 6”. My flaccid length also increased noticeably. My erect girth increased by 0.1”, but I believe this is simply a result of increased EQ as I have not had any girth gains since then. However, I had now experienced that PE, in fact, had a positive effect on me – although not where I wanted it the most.

During the second and third month I added ULIs and V-jelqs, respectively. But no additional gains occurred.

I then added clamping to my routine since this was regarded as a very effective girth exercise among seasoned PE members.

After almost 4 ½ months, my PE routine looked like this:

December 10, 2014:
- 10 mins warm-up with towel soaked in hot water
- 1 mins stretching in all directions
- ULIs: 10 x 20 secs / V-jelqs (left, right): 30 x 3 secs
- Dry jelqs (overhand OK-grip, underhand OK-grip): 40 x 3 secs
- Clamping: 3 x 3 mins
- 5 mins warm-down with towel soaked in hot water
- 1 day on, 1 day off

I continued this mixed routine for 2 months.

Starting from February 2015, I had to take a 10-months break from PE due to lack of privacy.

In November 2015, I was able to do PE again.

I wanted to keep it simple this time around, and thus focused on dry jelqs at an erection level around 70 pct. My routine looked like this:

November 1, 2015:
- 5 mins warm-up with hot pack
- Dry jelqs (overhand OK-grip, underhand OK-grip): 250 x 3 secs
- 1-2 mins warm-down with hot pack
- 2 days on, 1 day off

I experienced no gains after 3 months despite having all the right PE signs for growth:
- Excellent EQ
- Increased libido
- Morning erection
- The right feel of ”soreness” post-workout
- Occasional red spots post-workout

To change things yet again, I decided to start on “Big Al’s Jelq-Free Routine”. After only 3 weeks on the jelq-free routine, I gained 0.1” in BPEL, but nothing in EG! My penis is beginning to look ridiculous with the increasing length and same small girth at 4.4”. I stopped doing the jelq-free routine in order to avoid additional length gains. I now continue with dry jelqs only.

I know that 13 months is a short time in the world of PE, but I still believe I should have experienced some gains in the girth department.

I believe my limiting factor is my tunica. I have an extremely hard tunica. It basically feels like it is made of crystal when fully erect. My semi-erect penis girth also appears slightly larger than my fully erect penis girth.

I understand that clamping too early in one’s PE career may toughen the tunica. Looking back, this could be the reasons for my lack of success in gaining girth.

I have decided to purchase a pumping device, and will probably go for a Thickwall by Steve in the UK. I am aware that there may be a difference in results between air and water pumping, so I will also order a Water Trap in order to do both.

I have a few questions for you guys:
1) Is it possible that some can only gain length and not girth? I do respond to PE, but only in length (except for the slight increase of 0.1” in erect girth which I attribute to beginner gains, I.e. Increased EQ)
2) Am I doing something wrong? What can be improved?
3) What routine do you suggest for a beginner in pumping

Sincerely, Grow3r

Originally Posted by Grow3r
I have a few questions for you guys:
1) Is it possible that some can only gain length and not girth? I do respond to PE, but only in length (except for the slight increase of 0.1” in erect girth which I attribute to beginner gains, I.e. Increased EQ)

Those that keep grinding at it will find sucess, sooner or later. Unfortunately, PE is all about trial and error, there is no “universal formula” applicable to anyone else. If your routine ain’t providing girth gains, you change it.

Originally Posted by Grow3r
2)What can be improved?

Bail the warm downs, add constant heat and step down your schedule to 1 ON / 1 OFF. Girth requires plenty of rest days to get fired up.

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1) Seems like you can have varying gaining speeds for each. Be a fast gainer for one, a slow gainer for the other.
But I think this is not because of inate capabilites but rather because one has not been lucky with the routine. Perhaps jelqs dont do it for you but some other type of girth routine will work wonders.
Some people (e.g. braindrain) seem to struggle to find the right exercise to gain in a specific department; it takes them even years. But once they discover it, they gain as fast..
Jelqs - low/high EQ and Squeezes high EQ dont seem to work for me either.
Good luck with your pumping experience. Perhaps it will be the exercise for you for girth.

2) 3) no idea

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Good idea about constant heat. I actually use my hot pack between sets for re-heating, but to have constant heat I would probably have to invest in an IR lamp at some point.


I will try and find the post about braindrain’s experience that you mention. Jelqing and squeezing are considered some of the best manual exercises for girth growth, so it is just a bit frustrating when it turns out not to work for oneself. I really hope that pumping is what does it for me in terms of girth gains!

I had hoped for a bit more feedback. Anyone?

Try the constant heat and report back.

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Sure, I will get back once I have some experience in pumping.

I’d been floundering for a long time and recently I started doing other physical exercises, (mainly squats, pull-ups) made some dietary changes (added a LOT more water to my diet, more dark leafy greens, generally eating healthier), taking recovery much more seriously, and started doing cycles of topical DMSO+iodine applications directly onto the penis (for breaking up scar tissue and collagen softening), and I really think the biggest factor for growth for me has been getting other elements of my general physical health in order, realizing that the whole body is a SYSTEM and no one part can be particularly healthy if the whole body isn’t in *some* sort of good place. Girth is still a struggle but for a long time I was getting absolutely nowhere, probably even doing more harm than good until I started paying more attention to my wellbeing.
The DMSO and Iodine is strictly there to break down scar tissue and I think it’s really really helped me a lot as far as breaking plateaus, but the diet and muscular exercise should be considered as important as the main exercises themselves in my opinion.
My routine amounts to a warm-up, three sets of clamping, firegoat rolls, occasional manual stretching, and that’s just about it. The DMSO+iodine I’ve applied in bursts of three-five days twice a day morning and night, and I’ve probably gotten about as much out of it as I need for the time being. Once the scar tissue has been dissolved, it doesn’t appear to do too much else, although anecdotally speaking some athletes report it to help with repairing certain kinds of tissue damage. Whether or not this is a kind of tissue repair that is beneficial to gains or obstructive to gains is still a bit of an open question, so for the time being my extremely layman’s opinion is to resist using it systemically if you’re gonna get into it at all. A few rounds of a couple days to break up scar tissue and then marching forward with your routine as before. There are other threads about the DMSO and iodine and they’re still a bit inconclusive in some respects.
I’d really like to find a magic formula for gaining girth, it’s been my biggest challenge, but everybody’s body seems to respond to this differently, and have different physiological needs. If you, like me, struggle to gain weight *at all* then I have a feeling that we need to address that as a body-wide systemic problem before looking at it as a PE problem.

QUESTION: What is your body type? Are you perpetually skinny?

I don’t have experience to back this up, but you could try wet jelqing with lube or lotion instead of dry jelqing. Might pose different results.

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