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The Big Beginning

The Big Beginning

Hi everyone,

First this is a great place to be.

I start for the first time.but I like to combine several things..

PE with some manual techniqs and food/supplemetal to help to proces of making sperm.

Can anyone say what is the best daily program to follow in combination
With food and supplementals to make it even better?

Hope you understand what I sais.some bad english here ;-(

Thanks for your time

It seems that as far as a supplement to be taking, try getting L-Argenine and your daily recommended zinc dosage (15mg).

As far as exercises go, I would say go for “kegels.” If you don’t know what kegels are, I’ll give a quick summary of how to perform them; however, feel free to click on the little “search” button at the top of this webpage and search for how to perform them if your still not sure about how to perform them.

Performing a Kegel:
1.) Next time you go to the bathroom and are taking a piss, in the middle of pissing just stop. That thing you just flexed to stop you from pissing is the same muscle that provides you with the benefits that Kegel’s can give you, given you actually do the Kegel’s :p .

2.) When you perform a Kegel, all your doing is simulating (“doing the same thing”) that you did to stop you from urinating. When doing a Kegel, you should feel that ‘muscle’ flex. Each time you “flex” this muscle for x-amount of time, you’ve done 1 repetition (1 Kegel).

Try starting out by doing 50 Kegels, and each time you “flex” that muscle I just mentioned (also known as your “PC”.. or “BC”) keep it flexed for 3 seconds - then relax it after the 3 seconds and repeat it 49 more times.

Every week try adding 10-15 more Kegels until your doing atleast 100 Kegels a day, and if you want you eventually can even go up to 300 Kegels a day if you really want to.

Hope this helped you out, Welcome to these forums and good luck with your PE! :up:

No dedication + No self-discipline = No Gains. This goes for working out as well. It\'s elementary math kids.

Starting Date: 1-17-05 - EL: 6 in. EG: 5.125 in. ... or 5 2/16 in. ..FL: 4.5 in. ... or 4 8/16 in. FG: 4.5 in. ... or 4 8/16 in.

14th Check-In Date (much 'rest time' so far): 10-01-06 - EL: 7 1/16 in. EG: 5 9/16 in. ................ FL: 5.00 in. ... or 5 in. FG: 4.75 in. ... or 4 12/16 in....1st Goal: EL: 7 in. EG: 5.75 in ... or 5 12/16 in.

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Thanks, I will start with this,

Before doing any stretching

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