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6X8 is it that big what are your thoughts

6X8 is it that big what are your thoughts

I am 6 girth and 7 3/4 sometime it has been at 8 and when I look down it does not seem that big to me I have not seen any ones dick so all I have is my own to compare by as I said it does not seem that big to me am I crazy or is it that the bigger you get the more you want or do we or should I say I. see our selfs in a diffrent veiw then others do. what we are your thoughts? is 6 x 7 1/2 that big. this is my first post please reply


You´ve been a member since december and haven´t learned more than that? I´m guessing that you´re kidding but just in case you´re not - 8 x 6 is a goal for many of of us. Yes GOAL.

I guess it doesn´t have to look that big from above, but look at it in the mirror from a 45 degree front angle instead.

I´m about 6.5 x 5.25 and I get to head that I`M big often enough, so if you ever had sex you should have gotten that even more. 8 x 6 is huge to many women, I would dare to say most women.

subjective Vs. objective
I started at 6.5X5.5 At that size I encountered lots of women that found my to be to snug. Lots more found me to be to big around for comfortable oral sex ( watch out for those teeth!!) Most statistics /surveys placed me in the top 7+% at that size.

I have been a slow enough gainer that when I look down at Mr. Happy he still looks the same size to me, lol. I am at 7.33X6.25 now. I know that statically I am way big, like top 1% big. Still, I suspect that I will always see my dick size as “normal”, no matter how big it gets. If your dick is smaller than mine it’s small; if your dick is bigger than mine it’s big. I am 6’3” tall and full of muscles, yet I don’t feel big. Guys my size are normal, bigger guys are big, etc.

Just to avoid confusion, list your length first, then girth.

Do a porn hunt for amateur photos, & giggle at all the dicks that make yours look huge.

If your dick starts looking little & you are obsessing do a search here at Thunders for OCD and BDB some excellent posts.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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