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The art of Jelqing and Stretching

The art of Jelqing and Stretching

I’m now almost four months into PE. Until recently I’ve found myself not completely satisfied after a workout. I just couldn’t feel that fatigueness or that stretched out feeling from my ligs/tunica that I was looking for. Not knowing exactly what was right or wrong, I just kept on doing my routine the way I thought was right.

Then most recently there has been a change to that. Jelqing feels more expanding, and the stretching feels more.. stretchy. For me this has to do with my technique. Over time it has improved, and now 4 months after I think I’ve finally learned how to do proper jelqing and stretching (at least what I feel it to be).

These changes are something that has happened gradually without me consciously trying to improve it.
The changes are:

Jelqing: While jelqing I let go the upper hand AFTER I grip at the base for the next stroke, and do
a kegel. By doing this more blood will remain in the glans after changing grip, and the kegel will
rush more fresh blood into the shaft. The result will be a much more expanding sensation.
I do my jelqs at maybe 50% firmness.

Stretching: I now finally learned how to grip a tad bit BELOW the glans, and not just right behind it. Instead of
spending a lot of force stretching like I was trying to tear the head off, - most of the force is now
spent on stretching the right things.
The result is a more feel to the stretch and an ability to stretch with a greater force.

These are minor adjustments that for me makes a huge difference. I know this may be old news for most of us, but it sure was an eyeopener and a new breed for me.
For the newest members I will say if you feel you are not mastering the technique properly - it will come with time. You learn alot from the newbie-guide, - stick to it, but some things come with time and practice. :)

Good for you. But, I’ve been doing like that since the day 1 :)

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