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Taking the Newbie routine slowly

Taking the Newbie routine slowly

If I take the newbie routine slowly and jelq say 1-2 a week will I still see gains? I’m just so afraid for ED I don’t want to push myself and end up impotent

If you want to take it slowly and still make gains I would recommend being less forceful with your exercises and doing a standard 2:1 or 3:1 instead of only doing 2 days a week.

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My body does the best with one day on, one day off, with regards to exercise. It still responds with twice a week, or even once a week with muscle training. My muscles absolutely hate every day workouts, I never quite ever get over the soreness, they never really get to heal after damaging (training) them. I get my best response from every other day training.

I get the blunt of my exercise in the summer from water skiing, I ski one day and then not the next. Even as a kid we did not work out (ski) every day, at least the same type of skiing, the same type of muscles. At the ripe old age of 49 I am still able to able to whip myself into shape with this program in the spring of the year.

I realize that a penis is not a muscle, but there are at least some similarities with ligaments, encouraging blood flow, exercise, etc. Am I way off base here on my theory with this? I am very curious as to other people thoughts on this. I should note that I am doing this mostly for EQ, and if I get bigger Yee Haa.

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