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Switching from jelqing to.

Switching from jelqing to.

For those who gained from clamping I have a question . I have been jelqing for almost a year without gains . My routine was 20 min wet jelqing 5 on 2 off .
Since I’m quite conditioned I decided to start clamping and soon I noticed stronger erections and more “visual” girth both flaccid and erect .
My routine is 3 sets of 15 min.
The question is : do I have to continue wet jelqing (boring, time consuming etc.) together with clamping or simply leave that f**king lube and enjoy the clamp ?


Did you notice any flaccid length gains when you were just jelqing?

There is no need to do both but I’m sure it wouldn’t do any harm.

P.s. have you tried dry jelqs, never got on with wet ones to be honest, dry much better for me.

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Route I’m a bit like you in that jelqing is something I’ve been doing consistently for 5 - 6 months with no gains to speak of so the last month, whilst I’m still jelqing, I’ve also started clamping. My flaccid seems to be a bit meatier and I’m waiting to see how things go with it for the next few months…I’m quite optimistic. And yes, jelqing costs me a fortune in lube too.

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