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Hi everyone.

Well… i dont know if it is a problem but when i begin stretching im flaccid but after a minute or so i have about 10% erec. can i still do my stretching routine or do i have to wait before im totaly flaccid again?

My Goal: 8"x6" - Currently: 7,5"x4,8" |-| Gains So far: Lenght: 0.5" Girth: 0" - Just going for girth ATM

keep on stretching


You can continue to keep on stretching, even with your 10% erection. I also start to get erect (ranging from 10-60%) when doing my stretches and have had no problems. In fact, some guys have posted that stretching with a full erection can result in faster gains, although some have experienced hard veins due to this method.


Infact some sites claim that stretching with a 10-20% erection gives a quicker gain. They highly recommended it.

Sounds gr8

Just read from another forum that there was one who stretching 100% erect and do unbeliveble gains

My Goal: 8"x6" - Currently: 7,5"x4,8" |-| Gains So far: Lenght: 0.5" Girth: 0" - Just going for girth ATM


I am doing both erect and flaccid stretches. The erect stretches work on the ligs, while the flaccid stretches work on the shaft.

I’ve always had a problem to stay flaccid for the stretch but lately found a way that works for me: I combine the penis stretch with a whole body stretch exercise I learned from my physiotherapist (ok, stop laughing). I stand on one foot, bend the other foot backwords hold it with my opposite hand and stretch for 30-60sec, use the free hand to stretch dicky to the opposite side…repeat with the other leg and stretch to the other side.
Now this manouvre requires a lot of concentration, guess that’s why my dick remains completely flaccid the whole time, not even 10% erect.

I get a good stretch for my back and dick at the same time! (Only prob is that looking at the mirror it is like a circus trick).

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