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Stretching while massaging

Stretching while massaging

I’ve been inspired to stretch differently recently. Was wondering if anyone has tried this. What I do is grab my penis about half an inch behind the glans and stretch in different directions. Ok, so what’s diffferent you might ask…

Well, I use my other hand to massage my inner penis at the same time. I do this by feeling around the area where my shaft meets my balls, then get a hold of the penis within with two fingers as I stretch with the other hand. And then I proceed to massage my inner penis with my two fingers. Works particularely well in the shower when I run warm water over my goods. Will keep you posted on my progress…

Me Too!

Me too!

Secure the head, as in normal stretching. On the other hand (two fingers), like the C Jelka the base to do my other hand. Not too strong, only to stretch more, massage, and circulate blood.

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Just tried it, felt pretty good. I like the concepts behind it, a two pronged attack possibly helping to relax the tissue making stretching more effective.

Keep us updated with the progress! :)

I’ve been doing this as well, in a hot shower, for about a month. I figure it can only help.

I’m going to begin doing this also, holding a stretch is boring but this gives you something to do and doesn’t take any extra time.

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I’m excited to know you fellas are on board with this. Let’s see where this journey takes us…Who knows, maybe something special is abound. I think I’m getting ahead of myself here so I’ll stop.

Sounds just great to me, like a more gentle version of a dynamic sort of V or A stretch. A good rule anyway is, if it feels good, do it (within reason).

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