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Stretching versus Jelqing for length

Stretching versus Jelqing for length

Hey guys, I am only concerned with length gains so I have been stretching for about 45-60 minutes a day (one minute each stretch).

I usually mixed it up between straight pull downs, fowfers, v-stretch, and straight pulls.

My dick gets sore (a good workout kind of sore), but mainly at the base by the ligs.

My question is if jelqing is necessary to successful length gains or if I can continue with my current routine. I’d prefer not to jelq because I get discoloration very easily even if I massage afterwards.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Instead of stretching for an hour, you should try hanging. And why does it have to be one or the other? Both will give you length and jelqing will do much more for your EQ. Jelqing is the backbone of PE. If you’re getting discoloration then I would suggest a lighter grip.

Is it neccesary, no. Just highly recomended.

I think jelqs are essential for dick health so try variations to see if you can find a way to avoid the discolouration.

They are just too damned effective to leave then out of your routine, especially if you want to condition your penis to take more advanced forms of pe. Without doing jelqs, in some form, for more than 12 months I wouldn’t recommend you hang or clamp as injury will ensue.

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Jelqing is all good.

I always get gains from jelqing over a period of time.

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Originally Posted by kooljohn
Without doing jelqs, in some form, for more than 12 months I wouldn’t recommend you hang or clamp as injury will ensue.

You think that hanging is more dangerous than manual stretching for 45-60 min? With a hanger you can use light weights for large amounts of time; with manual stretches, who knows how hard you are pulling. I was under the impression that people could begin a light hanging routine with little/no conditioning (given a degree of common sense and patience).

BTW how do you stretch for an hour without your arms getting more fatigued than your unit?

My stretching routine of 45 to 60 minutes includes rest periods. Actual hanging time is 20 to 30 minutes. I decided to add jelqs today after reading your responses. I went ahead and did about 200-300 5 second jelqs today and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was actually pretty easy so I am hoping I will get some results.

I have a bib, but I mainly use it to help me get a good stretch.I have tried hanging for 2-4 hours per day, but I would prefer just to get all my P.E. Done in an hour and not have to think about it anymore. Any more suggestions you guys might have are welcome.

Typo.I meant actual stretching time is 20-30 minutes

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