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Quick question on stretching vs jelqing

Quick question on stretching vs jelqing

Hey guys, I am starting to get serious, and I was wondering if Jelqing is needed for the newbie routine?

I am cut, but the penis skin makes Jelqing frustrating because I’m not sure if the “down and up” milking is effective due to that extra skin getting in the way.

Stretching exercises I am finding is more suited. Even if I don’t have a lot of width.

I do manual sets of three, DLD blasters, a couple of my personal ones, along with Kengals in between. This typically lasts 45 mins.

Also, does anyone after the warm-down, penis flaccid down due to the warm water? That sucks after you have stretched for 45 mins and its back to where it was before.

I know you can stretch in the mornings and once at night, but is it safe to wear a home-made stretcher during the day as well? Would that be “over-kill”?


I belive every person is different, for you it may not be too much while for others it might.

The newbie routine is more then conditioning your unit, but also for you to know it better and know what is too much for you.

Funny thing you should ask that question I am doing that right now as we speak.
(Wearing a ADS while doing the advanced newbie routine)

You should check out my thread on it.
I intend to gain 0.5 length and 0.25 girth in 60 days.
And in my opinion jelqing is quite important for girth.(so you don’t end up with a thin penis)

If your interested in my 60 day challenge click on my threads to see it.

Good luck

Mr Whiskers

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