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Stretching right after jelqing?

Stretching right after jelqing?

I’ve always been on the fence this. Is it ok? After you jelq the penis is engorged and even in it’s flacid state it feels kind of chubby. This has all to do with time management for me, I PE in the morning and I don’t like to stretch before I jelq because it’s easier for erections to get in the way of stretching in the morning and also after I stretch it feels like my erections for jelqing will be slightly hindered, so it seems logical to me to stretch right after I jelq also because erections tend to be a little weaker right after you finish jelqing, these are the issues I’m having though:

-is stretching right after jelqing too much strain on the penis? Does it need time to recover?

-is it as pliable enough right after you jelq?

-is stretching after jelqing counter productive to jelqing? Since it leaves the penis less engorged than when you started?

Interested in hearing other member’s opinions and/or experiences with this matter!!

After I am done jelqing, I often give my penis gentle tugs/stretches until my erection subsides. After this I find my penis pretty pliable…Though I am sure it is different for different people.

I forgot to say often I do another quick warm up in between the jelqing and stretching to aid the pliability issue and also to give my dick a second to recover, I think this helps but it undeniably still feels extra chubby when I stretch, which I’m not so sure is good…

I think it would be ok but I jelq after hanging. Iv tried it the other way but my dicks to full of blood and plump to stretch it.

People do it both ways.

I think it is counterintuitive to first jelq, then stretch - just my personal opinion. My reasoning is based on the fact that after stretching, the unit remains slightly elongated for a short while. It could take a couple of minutes to fall back to its previous size.

Jelqing right after stretching takes advantage of the temporary increase in length and by keeping under pressure the newly enlarged chambers may add to the lengthening effect (at least by increasing the time before returning to the pre-stretching size).

Stretching after jelqing misses this effect.

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The basic risks with stretching in post-jelq engorged state are the same as with erect stretching - Your tissues are more rigid. However, this might actually translate into better lig stretching but you are more prone to injury. I’d say that wether or not you should do it depends on how engorged you are after jelq and how accustomed you are to PE, ie how well do you know your dick and how conditioned it is.

Main reason why I have always stretched first is that I get really bloated from jelqing and therefore cannot get a good grip. Also I get quite engorged for a longer period, putting up the erect stretching issue.

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