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Low LOT -- Stretching vs. Jelqing

Low LOT -- Stretching vs. Jelqing

I have an LOT of about 7:00. Should I do less stretching and more jelqing?

I don’t really like manual stretching because I’m extremely undersized and have to use my glans for a grip. The crest is getting pretty sensitive.

Is manual stretching essential. I do 100 dry jelqs and 50-100 wet jelqs per day, and I’m ordering a Baby Bib Hanger. Can the hanger, used cautiously, replace the manual stretching?

Thanks for your responses.

Hey GoDeep,

For right now forget about LOT. Continue your jelqing, and, if you can, try to throw in a little stretching. Hanging is definitely a replacement for manual stretching. Just take it easy at first. Surf around the Hanger’s Forum some to get acquainted with the craft. Good luck to you.

Oh, about LOT, get into PE a little then start worrying about that. It’s more a guidline than a rule.


Like he said. Also, try jelqing at different angles. Jelqing downwardly has much the same effect on your unit as downward stretching.

Please forget about hanging for a while. You should stick with the newbie routine for 2-3 months, minimum. And, about your LOT … Well, don’t get me started.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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