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Stretching questions

Stretching questions

Hello fellas, have a couple questions hope you can answer.

- What is the difference between the regular stretching and a tunica stretching??

I was reading about LOT and my LOT seems to be 7:30, so from what I understood I should stretch at low angles, and then begin my jelqs, but in the future once my LOT turns 6.. I should do tunica stretching? Can someone help me out here I don’t really know what tunica refers to or even if I’m right about the kind of stretching that I need with a LOT of 7:30.

Ps: I’m not circumcised, do dry or wet jelqs.. Or it doesn’t matter?

Thank you so much!
Bye bye

I don’t think that the LOT theory is thought to be any use anymore mate from what I read, after reading all about the theory. Regular stretching targets the ligaments inside the body. I’ll have to look into Tunica stretching myself because I have not gained any length from ligament stretches.

In my opinion there are 3 ways to gain in length, two of them need to be done together:
-Stretch the inner penis (uretra/nerves/veins/arteries…) by : V-A stretch >15 min.
-Stretch the tunica: best way is wet jelq at average erection level.
If you do both exercices then you will gain very fast. If you do only 1 of the technique: then in my opinion, one tissue will stop the other one in length while being erected.

-Stretch the ligaments if you need it: just do hang or stretch at low angle.

In your case i would do the 3 ways.

I have started doing the newbie routine:
- 5min warmup
- 5min stretch (at low angles)
- 10min wet jelq
- 5min warmup
- Kegels either long or short ones.

Where at should I add the v-a stretch?

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