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Stretching question

Stretching question

After almost ten weeks, I finally understand how to stretch. I know this is sad, but until 3 days ago I never felt a prologed lig burn for more than 1 or maybe 2 sets. My manual workouts always felt like a waste, and I also have not gained any length. Anyway, now that I feel the burn, can I continue to stretch downward even though my lot is 7:30, it began at that number and hasn’t changed. Am I wasting time or could maybe a 1/4 or 1/2 be possible to get from the ligs. I’d hate to change my routine right after I figured out how to stretch down properly. Thanks

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Sounds like you stand a chance of gaining and 1/4-1/2” is reasonable.

So what is your entire routine now?

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It has changed al lot during the ten weeks, mostly due to the fact that the stretches felt lousy and only about 60% of my jelq routines felt really good. I have found the key to getting a lig burn for me is to lie down on my bed, raise my legs like I’m getting nailed missionary, then stretching with an overhand grip using a paper towel for better grip. By raising my legs, its like a BTC stretch. When I stand and stretch, I get fatigued and just can’t feel the burn…its a different type of fatigue, I run 15 miles a week, but down stretching while standing just feels weird. Anyway here’s my current routine…started 3 days ago:

am 15 min down stretches
30 min jelq and uli mixed…mostly standard grip, 70% erect, SO & SU

pm 25 min down stretches

Stretches will be 6 days a week…jelq & uli 5 days

LOT unchanged at 7:30

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Its good that you’ve discovered how to stretch well, nothing worse than pointless PE.

Sounds like a good way to stretch straight armed I assume leveraging the power of the legs. I always found with a BTC that legs bent and bending forward whilst applying and using the power of the legs to create the force by standing made a good stretch, V-stretches are always good, they might be worth a try for variation (if you haven’t already tried and discarded).

If you jelq over hand pointing down more you’ll catch the ligs with a bit of extra stretching whilst jelqing.

Sounds like quiet a hectic routine. More work than I’ve ever done in a routine. How do you come out of your morning session, plumped for some time?

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Why does it seem hectic? There are only three exercises I do: Down stretch, wet jelq, and uli. After a good morning session, I come out very plump, and it lasts about 5-7 hours. It is good to go hard in the morning for this reason.

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40 minutes of stretches in a day sounds a lot. Hell, I only did 20 and 1/4 hr jelqing but its what works for you thats important.

>After a good morning session, I come out very plump, and it lasts about 5-7 hours<
Sounds very good.

You have your stretching down, so if you see gains there’s no reason to change anything. The only reason to change a routine is if its not working for you :)

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Thanks Memento, hopefully I’ll see some gains now…I’ll keep everyone updated.

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