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A stretching question.

A stretching question.

Hi, I am new here.

I ‘ve been reading for hours before I post this. I ‘ve gone through all the newbie stuff and the manual (not all of it).
I wanted to start with the newbie routine, so I downloaded the videos and read everything I could found around them (videos of jelqing, stretching).

So, my first question is this: I see in the manual stretching video how stretch is done (flacid pulling) but I can’t quite see where exactly the hand holds the penis. Since through stretching I have to apply some strength (so it is actually a pulling procedure), I am quite worried when thinking I don’t hold it right (it is a sensitive part of the body after all.). If there is some drawing or some easy way to point exactly, that would be really helpful.

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks in advance.

I hold it just behind the glans.

Welcome to Thunders!

Welcome, Work.

It is a little different for each of us, but what Bird2 said is correct. Pull the skin back toward your body and grip your shaft just behind the glans. Try to put most of the pressure on the sides of the shaft and not directly on top (where the dorsal nerves are). If you have trouble gripping the shaft due to slippage, you might try to lightly wrap with toilet paper, or use baby powder. Those improve the grip a lot.

Work on whats comfortable for you and yet provides what you consider to be a good solid “pull”. You should feel the tension in the penis. use your other hand to probe near the base while you are pulling and get familiar with the tissues involved.

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