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Stretching penis vs skin

Stretching penis vs skin

I wanted to know how I could tell if I was stretching properly. When I pull to the left for example on my right side I feel tension.. But how do I know if I am pulling ligaments or just the skin outside the penis? I hope this is making sense.

Your grip should be tight enough to have the shaft moving together with the skin. You’ll certainly notice a poor grip when the skin slides away.

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It takes very little practice before you can feel the difference. There’s plenty of nerves down there, listen to your body and it will tell you what’s what. If you’re stretching skin it will feel superficial, working the whole penis is gong to give you a totally different feel. You know it when you get it. Your results will let you know too, when your penis is reacting in a good way, keep doing what got you those good results.

You can use your other hand to kind of press in on top of your shaft and even up into your pubes a bit and feel whats going on too - great feedback there. You can really feel a difference between skin stretch, lig stretch and tunica stretch in my experience, and changing angles and intensity and grip will change what you are hitting.

Take your other hand and hold the base of your penis lightly. This will keep the skin back and allow more force to be placed on the ligs and tunica.

Ok I just tried it out.. I definitely felt a difference! I was doing it right for the up and down but the left and right were more difficult. It does feel odd.. The skin isn’t being stretched but I can sort of feel it inside.. It’s almost like a fatigued feeling.

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