Stretching injury >>> thrombosed vein OR Lymph

Hi.I have posted one thread few days back regarding my injury during s2s stretches.

One week ago I was doing my s2s stretches s and I think I used more pull downward and got pain on the right side of the unit. I did warm down and later I felt tenderness on the right side of the unit where it meets the pubis. I stopped PE for the next 4 days and my pain reduced. On touching I can feel a hard string which in the groin right upper part where the shaft attached to body .. On further checking I can trace the same hard string or wire on lower side of the base of the shaft ( which is continuous from the hard string I mentioned on the right upper junction). Now my doubt is that this hardened continuous string is thrombosed vein. I remember I got little swelling on the same part on my injury day with pain.
Now I returned to PE and there is no active pain but I can feel a tension on the right side while stretching especially to left side. What to do with this? Please advise.