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Stretching help

Stretching help


I’m just wondering how much stress should I put when simple manual stretching. Is it the maximum my dick can withstand. The problem is it seems like my head is the limiting factor giving me much of the pain. Any methods to reduce the pain/stress on the head?

I’m following the newbie routine and don’t do any ADS. Just after the routine, my dick restores to the original normal size. Will this reduce my gains? If yes, what are the recommendations?

What about using a hair drier for the warm up?

Thanks guys.

It takes time, until you see change in flaccid length. You feel pain? Take it easy - injury won’t give you profit, sadly I know what I’m talking about :-(

I suggest light stretches as some kind of long term “warm-up” for first few sessions. Those kind of “preparations” at beginning helps to me.

BTW, if you search, you will find few excellent posts answering your questions.


Use medium strength when stretching, enough to stretch it but not using the strength to pull it off.

When starting go for medium strength and build up as you go along, took me little under a month to start pulling at full steam. about the head, I hold with almost my entire hand under the head so that way I barely feel pressure on the head.

About using an ADS, I haven’t used it, and as far as I know you don’t have to, but it sounds like it might help, if you have time for it, some people here say you should never let your penis restore, you might want to try Fowfers, I used to for a while and it’s kind of like an ADS.

A hair drier will probably irritate your skin, it’s best to aboid that, trust me it itches..

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