Stretching grip

Hey everyone,
I have decided to start stretching and jelqing, after a very disappointing 5 or 6 month effort with an extender. I stretch in the shower, then jelq. I have been using a light grip, and allowing the skin to slide up close to my glans. (I am circumcised). I was wondering if this is going to provide an adequate stretch. My grip is still be hind my glans, so I feel like I am still stretching everything, not just the skin.

I am sorta going back and forth between trying to restore my foreskin or remaining cut, but leaning toward restoration to possibly restore some of the sensation I have lost from using the extender.

My question is whether or not I am getting an adequate stretch for adding length to my unit, not about foreskin restoration, I can research restoration and get an answer if I decide to commit to it.

Thanks in advance!