Stretching : Get a grip

I started PE a month ago, and have seen some improvements.

The reason for the thread is to share a very simple something that I’ve found makes stretching a whole lot easier.

When I started stretching, I found that hanging onto my penis was kind of hard to do - lots of re-gripping. Well, an extremely simple solution is to use “Nitrile Exam Gloves” for stretching. They’re extremely cheap & available for us Yanks at Sam’s Club. The brand name is Member’s Mark. I imagine that they are available universally at any pharmacy.

It’s easy to maintain a grip for a long time, and with the better grip, more force can be applied for longer periods of time.

Just my 2 cents, but it’s something that has helped my effort greatly.

Love the board here.. Just a huge freaking support group for a common male issue.