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Stretching and weird soreness

Stretching and weird soreness

I stretched yesterday. For about 2 months I had been doing something like 5-7 minutes of stretching everyday. Some days only 3 minutes. I decided to up it to 10 minutes. Now I didn’t pull extremely hard and rip anything. Lately, my penis has been hanging to the left, so I didn’t pull my penis to the left during stretches as much this time. Anyhow, at the end of stretching, after about an hour or so, the left side of my penis at the base felt very weird and sore. However, I was worried that NOT the whole penis was sore. It’s not possible that the left side of my penis lengthens and the right side stays the same length and it looks really weird? Thank you. Is this just in my head or is this actually something to worry about? The soreness is in the left side of my penis at the base. I fell that the right side should feel that way but it feels fine.

My Routine

1 min down
1 min right
1 min up
Same thing over and over like 3 times
Threw in a 1 min left

And then went 20 seconds all ways. Down right up left (from my point of view)

I am not currently jelqing because I am really just trying to put on the appropriate length.

I have been PEing on and off for about 2 months. I was pretty consistent with the routine for about a month. I tried to tone down jelqing a little. I think I’ve gained, but I haven’t had the cajones to take any pictures and use those as comparisons. It definitely seems like I’ve made some gains. I think my girth actually may have gained slightly and I definitely want to stop that, so I stopped jelqing. At midshaft my girth is about 5.75 EG, but it’s weird because from the midshaft to the base it drops down (NOT a lot, but like to 5.5 EG or a little less). At the base it spreads out again.

Hey justlearning, you sound frightened about the pain. On the scale of 1 - 10, how would you describe the pain?

But your routine seems very light, so the only way I can imagine you could have injured yourself is if you pulled on your penis very hard. If it’s just sore, it’s a normal reaction to the stretching I think. But just to be sure, I would advise you to give it a rest until it fades away.
You could try after that rotary stretches, where you pull your penis outwards from your body, and then do circles with it, clockwise and counterclockwise. I always felt like this sort of evened my sides, if you understand what I’m saying.

Another thing, don’t stop jelqing. Jelqing is great for penile health, and you can also use it in your quest for length gains. Just jelq with a lower erection, say 50 %, but experiment, listen to your penis and figure out what works for you. The important thing is that you still feel the blood moving.

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