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Weird thing with stretching....?


Weird thing with stretching....?

It’s weird. If I stretch after I have ejaculated on any given day…whether I stretch 20 minutes or several hours after ejaculating, I feel like I’m getting more of a stretch in my penis especially with A stretches. Now, whether I’m actually getting more of a stretch or not is hard to determine….is it just a feeling …or, am I actually getting a better stretch?? Anyone??

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I’ve never stretched after ejaculating. Several times I’ve gone on to get myself off after a PE session though.

But I’ve never had the desire to do PE after ejaculating, I’ve always felt it would be to sore. Sometimes it feels “tougher” after getting off so it always seemed like it would be counter productive.

But maybe I’ll give it a try to see what you’re talking about.

Same here SWM.

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Stretch after ejaculating

WOOOHOOO! My first post.

SWM, I had a high intesity 30 minute stretch tonight about an hour after ejaculating, and this was the first time I got little red speckles on my dick from stretching (sorta like the red specs one would get from jelqing.) Whether this is a good or bad I have yet to see. Is that normal?


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Re: Weird thing with stretching....?

Originally posted by Stillwantmore
I feel like I'm getting more of a stretch in my penis especially with A stretches. Now, whether I'm actually getting more of a stretch or not is hard to determine….is it just a feeling …or, am I actually getting a better stretch?? Anyone??

Same here. My dick feels tighter after ejaculating and I think the stretch is more intense. I can’t prove it, but I think it helps my stretching routine if I do half my stretches this way.

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I don’t notice as an all day thing, but I notice the same thing if I stretch after ejaculating.


When I don’t ejaculate before stretching, I feel like getting a bad stretch because I get hard. So I always ejaculate before stretching, and my session goes gooood :D

Dunno specifically about after ejaculating, but on a similar note, I seem to remember (a while back) a thread debating the merits of getting a better stretch AFTER doing girth exercises (which obviously involves an erect penis :) ) going against the tradition of stretching then girthing it up.

I see where you are coming from though penewbie. Stretching can so easily turn into a glorified extended masturbation session if the dedication lapses. Combat this by stretching to e.g. a documentary on astro-physics. Or maybe a programme about Barbara Cartland. Sorry I’ve had a few beers…

Hi from UK!

Same here actually, swm.

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Just some random thoughts...

I think of it like this: when I go to the gym and stretch my legs before my leg workout, I can feel a good stretch. But when I stretch my legs the next day after my workout, I can feel a very intense stretch because of the exercises I did the day before. All of the abuse makes you more aware of the areas that are trying to heal.

I know that after sex (or masturbation), I can feel more being stretched, but I don’t like to PE after ejaculating, especially jelqing. Just feels like I’m being way over-worked. So, whether this actually stretches your dick more or not, I have no idea.

Doing any kind of PE shortly after ejaculating makes me feel like I’m gonna break something. My dick will “fight” the stretch. After blowing a load, it just wants to go to sleep for a while.

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Im with you prickle.

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My order is ejaculate+take a shower+stretch routine. This works for me the best.

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Still, I get the same thing. It’s most noticeable if the ejaculation was from vaginal penetration, not quite as much if just masterbation, unless I’ve really been edging for awhile…

I have a theory I’ve been thinking about for awhile, but haven’t put it into words yet. I’ve never seen it referenced, but I suspect there is a hormone or substance that actually causes the tunica to toughen upon arousal or erection. The farther one gets from ejaculation, the more of this substance is present in the tunica making it more and more resistant to stretching.

I can get rock hard erections that are not as girthy as the real class A boners, but they are still hard as steel. If the hardness was a result of max pumped blood flow, why are these lessor girth erections still hard as nails? There must be something else at work.

However, when using a uli thing or my hand, if I time things right, I can blow my dick up like a baloon without any form of sexual arousal, and the pump is WAY above a normal erection girth. With these, my penis is hard from obvious blood swelling, but not hard as steel. It’s like the tunica is in a very relaxed state only max expanded, and susceptible to stretching…

I think part of the erection process involves hormones that actually toughen the tunica for the task at hand. After ejaculation, obviously this substance should be at it’s lowest level, as there is no or very little sexual arousal. I think this is why I can get very intense tunica stretching after ejaculation. That’s my theory anyway. I have no idea how to prove it.

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That’s an interesting idea. I think we’ve all had different sizes and hardness of erections not necessarily matching up, but I think the stretching after ejac. feeling is actually like this mystery hormone is still there; that the tunica is stiff and that’s why it feels like we’re really working it.

I think what most people mean when they say they get a good stretch is that it basically hurts more, that the tunica is really getting hit, but not getting more length extension. This seems more consistent with the tunica still being stiffened by this hormone still being there shortly after the ejaculation.

Anyone know what this might be?
Should we call it the Stillwantmore/RB Growth Factor?


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