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Stretcher advice

Stretcher advice

I have a stretcher similar to the penimaster type devices, with a silicon noose. I need advise as to what it should feel like, my primary concern is about cutting the blood supply to the head, if I do the noose up tight enough then the veins on the foreskin become slightly engorged, it’s not painful but I wondered if this was the sign of a problem.

Also how much tension should you use (what should it feel like?) I have it so it stretches mine not quite to it’s max but so it’s under a little tension.. There is no really feeling, certainly no pain, I struggle to wear it too long eventually it seems to slip out of the noose! I’m trying to wear it in bed 2 hours a night if possible before I sleep, is this enough to get results?

I would like to know of anyone that has got results just by jelqing and wearing a stretcher, how long it took and if there is any advice to encourage growth, going for length here.

Hope this helps.
OK as for feel, not sure how to put it but it shouldn’t hurt, set just behind the head with or without a small amount of foreskin (though that tends to get a little uncomfortable after a while) it should feel firm with no play from base to head. Cutting the comfort foam to the right length is important (I think) also as for that silicon noose from my experience it would always undo itself so I found a short piece of rope the same size and tied a knot after threading it through the head piece then I can add as much tension I want (tell it gets uncomfortable) then back off some.

For the most part I don’t even notice the thing unless I think about it or start to get aroused then I just find something else to do or something to get my mind off of it.

I wear my for at least 3 hours unless it gets uncomfortable, working on 5 hours just haven’t got there cause after 3 or so hours I start to think about it to much.

Once you find the right location on your penis to set the noose you should not even know it’s there, I also wear it to work when I can (I work construction, so only when it’s slow)

This is just my opinion, and my experience cause there isn’t any good examples online.

Others may or have better advice.

Good luck.

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