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As I already wrote that I’m going to do my first time exercising today. I was watching some of the videos of different exercises and it looks like whenver there is a stretching the person doing it squeezes the hell out of that penis.. I mean.. How hard should I squeeze it ? How far should I stretch it.. I don’t want to pull something or rip my ballz off..

Thank You

You won’t pull something if you warm up properly and know the threshold (when you start feeling pain). You squeeze hard because it tends to slip before you start feeling the ligaments stretch. Stretch when you’re flaccid and when your hands/member are dry. Thru trial and error, you will quickly discover how hard you should pull at each direction and difference between the discomfort you get by stretching of the skin vs stretching of the ligaments. When you’re stretching the ligs, you will feel it around your pubic bone thingy. It shouldn’t be painful under any circumstances, a little bit of discomfort is OK. This will lessen as your ligs stretch more and you get used to the pressure and start to apply a little more.

Another thing, no matter how many times someone says START SLOW, you won’t realize it until you injure yourself so START SLOW! :D

Good Luck.

HEheeh :D Ok .. Just got back from wallgreens .. Got some KY Jelly :) Lets do it !

Thanks guys

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