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Straighten it up

Straighten it up

Okay, here is my problem. It’s NOT SO MUCH THE SIZE. Of course I want to be bigger. Right now I’m six inches L and 4.85 G. I want to make gains on that, but my BIGGER PROBLEM is my penis hangs to the left considerably. I don’t mean just when erect like a bend, but it just seems to be attached this way and soft or hard it goes left. I still works just fine, but I have been teased by a few girls over the years and I would like to find a way to straighten it out. So please help this “crooked” guy.thanx

Jelqing for a couple months is said to correct curves to the left or right on a penis using PE. Also maybe a type of erect bend could do it (but don’t mess with these types of PE excersizes unless you are really comfortable and have been PE’ing for a long time because you could possibly tear the tunica and make your dick end up looking worse if done wrong.). I also recently read that actually wearing something like tighty whighty underwear (not boxers, can;t remember the name I haven’t used them in ages) and being aware most of the time where your dick is positioned in your underwear by placing it in a certain position against your bend you can over a long period of time (a year or more) correct this problem.

I would personally do some more research here using the search button and get into jelqing but make sure you read a lot and then start practicing it with a good routine for a while.

One more thing that might help you is to hang or use a ADS device for most of every day (making sure you don’t overtrain your dick) with jelqing and this can possibly correct your curve as has been said many times from others. Look up the AutoEXT or another ADS like JES-Extender (there site tells of correctiing curves I beleive…) Good luck “crooked guy” ;) .

Thanks for the reply LoveMachine. What I read about jelqing was that it could help even out the chambers of the penis if you were crooked or bent when erect. Mine isn’t bent only when erect, it just aims that way like it’s looking for something. So would the almighty jelq help in this case? Don’t get me wrong, I plan to jelq and stretch because I’d like to reach about 7.5 inches also. Any morn info would be great. Let me also mention, that this site is great. They haven’t tried to sell me a single pill and the info here is actually from my peers. Great job on developing this site, we need it.

Yep this site is defintly great for PE! :D

Sounds like you might have a slight case of what they call “Peyronie’s desiese”. Don’t freak out, there seem to have been many people out there who have corrected this problem with some research and doing some of the techniques I listed above. Look around here some more and also search google for something like “peyronies penis” to find out exactly what it is and what the medical community thinks about it and how to solve it. What’s cool about here is we have already figured out how to correct it naturally via excersizes with PE and they currently only suggest doing surgery which can be risky and leave visible scars…

Well I have the same thing and although my flaccid still hangs to the right I have a straight erection through merely stretching to the opposite side twice as much/long as I do on the other side. I don’t mind hanging to right I mean everyone has to hang to one side, you can’t hang in the middle, that just doesn’t work with the tailoring of most pants. But yeah like I said stretching in the opposite direction should fix that crooked dick right up in oh… 1-2 months.

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Nice… :)

It’s definitely not the disease for mentioned. It is just attached with a twist. Almost like the skin on one side is tighter to pull it to one side.

Must be your ligaments. Try doing basic manual stretchs pulling pretty hard (making sure once again not to overtrain) and pulling downward and to the sides of your legs till you feel pressure/strain/stress on the sides of your dick and on the base of it. If you had a good PE session targeting your ligs then you should feel a nice soreness/fatigue in the area at the base of your cock where the fundiform and suspensory ligs are. This will give you quick easy gains. They were the first gains I got in PE months ago, and I believe they gave me about a extra inch and a half in length. My LOT is not about 6:00 so it’s all jelqing, ADH/ADS, manual stretching and hanging for length gains now to leghten the shaft/tunica of my dick which I seem to be doing a good job of so far.

Also if you dick is long enough in flaccid state you might want to look into A-Stretchs with DLD Blasters for lig gains. V-Stretchs although a more advanced manual stretch which takes some time to get used to (and there are a few different ways to do it) can be great if you focus where you press down with your thumb or webbing of your hand to make a fulcrum at the base for lig gains as we understand it. Remember to be smart and when you feel a good amount of soreness from PE’ing to take enough time off to rest so growth can occur.

Good luck…..

Hey man, don’t worry about it. Follow the routine and it WILL fix itself. The other day I had to REMEMBER that I used to have a very noticeable left curve just like you. I think I can attribute the fix in curvature to mostly the stretches. I think I stretch quite a bit. I’m not saying I don’t do jelqing and girth exercises quite a bit either, but I always make sure I spend a lot of time stretching. Don’t worry about it. I’ve been doing stretches for maybe three months but started my own routine incorporating jelqs and girth exercises in the last month.

Hey sky, I also point to the right while flaccid and a little while erect. I guess it has just sit that way through the years. I have a question, when stretching, I grab the glans with my middle finger and just under the glans with the other finger beside my thumb (fore finger maybe?) When I stretch I get slippage, and when I tightened my grip and stretch I get a lot of pressure from the skin attached to the glans. Am I pulling from the wrong area? Should I be more towards the base?

Just started 10-1-05 BPFL 6.5 FG 3.75 BPEL 6.5 EG 5.0 :thats: :rear:

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