OTL fulcrum hanging to straighten the penis

My penis bends to the left Not much, and if it were only for the looks, I wouldn’t bother. But I think that this curve to the left hinders my gains, especially girth wise.

Why is that? When my penis is erect, you can see a lot of veins. There are some just below the skin, they stand out a little and they are red and blue. There are also much bigger veins, but they are well below the skin, thus they are not coloured. They are very big though, up to almost the size of a small pencil. They stick out most visible when jelqing. The thing is that on the left side of my penis, the side it bends towards, there are almost none of these big veins. Only on the right side.
Since I feel that these veins are the key to girth gains, I have to find a way to straighten my penis, which I hope will allow the veins on the left side to grow, too.

What I came up with is OTL fulcrum hanging. As fulcrum you need something with a large diameter, maybe a shaving can. I am going to explain it for a penis that bends to the left. It’s very simple.

The difference to OTL hanging is that you place the fulcrum at the base of your penis. The fulcrum must be big enough so that your penis is bent in a nice, smooth curve to the right. The weight hangs next to your right leg. If the fulcrum’s diameter is too small, you will have a sharp bend at the base of your penis. This is not what you want. Since I’m using a BIB starter I also need some padding on my right leg, otherwise the screws of the hanger really cut into my skin.
The sharper your penis is bent naturally, the smaller the diameter of the fulcrum should be. If it is bent at the base, place the fulcrum there. If it is bent near the head, place the fulcrum more towards your leg.

This method is simple to do if your penis is bent to one side, or has an upward curve. If it has a downward curve, you would have to do OTS hanging with a fulcrum, but I think this is not easy to do.

I am hanging two sets of 20 minutes OTL fulcrum style per day. Since I have started only a few days ago, I can’t tell if it really works. I think it is worth trying though.

"Denn wer ewig strebend sich bemüht, den können wir erlösen"

Goethe, Faust II