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How not to straighten?

How not to straighten?

Hello fellows.

Can anyone tell me how I would be able to use a pump but NOT straighten out any curve in erection.

Thing is, I have an upward curve that I’d rather not lose, but I want to pump.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know.


I don’t pump but I wonder if you can get a curved cylinder?

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This is the most logical answer I could think of. Just don’t pack the tube. I don’t know how much your curve is, but if you buy a tube for growth and you don’t pack it, there will not be any straightening forces involved when you pump.

So, say you have 5.5 inch girth and buy a 2.0 inch cylinder. That tube is the right size so your balls don’t get sucked in, but has enough wiggle room to pump without packing for a couple of months.

You can also buy vacuum containers in different shapes from just straight walled cylinders. Find a vessel the has the right size opening but then opens up so that your cock will never touch the inside walls of the vacuum vessel.

Maybe put some baked fimo in the tube that is the shape of your curve.


Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

That does sound highly logical, gprent.

I find this thread interesting. Has anyone actually straightened their curve from pumping? I’ve been pumping off and on for a while now and don’t think my curve has been modified. Has anyone experienced otherwise?

I’ve talked with a number of guys on the impotence board who had either Peyronie’s bends or bends which they had naturally and were able to straighten them, though none that I remember said he did so completely. They ended up straighter, however, and seem pleased with the result.

There is little documentation that this (pumping) really works for bends, except annecdotal. My read on it is that it takes a heck of a lot of time (many months, even years) and that you have to be willing to work your way through several widths of tubes, sometimes starting with wider in order to accomodate the bend without discomfort, and working gradually downward into narrower tubes. If you are also interested in building girth, this downward process into narrower tubes would be counter-productive, imo.

I guess it comes down to how negatively you feel about your own bend/curve. A surprising (to me) percentage of guys have them and most have no idea how they got them. My guess is that many had some forgotten or unnoticed penile trauma while growing up. One man wrote in that he managed to “break” his penis getting into his own jeans when he woke up late for work one morning, with a hard-on. He very quickly developed a bend at the site where plaque developed as a result. (By the way, a penis can’t “break.” But urologists commonly call this kind of trauma a break.)

Seems to me that if a bend doesn’t cause pain on erection or during sex, or discomfort to a partner, it’s something you can pretty easily learn to live with. If the bend is not becoming more severe over time. There are a lot of members of the Curve Club out there.

Sounds like mmmmK likes his a lot.




While I don’t have too much bend, I do combine stretching using a modified Penimaster together with pumping. The stretcher folks make claims that stretching over time will help cure curvature and I believe that physiologically there is justification to those claims. I think we’re talking a few months to see noticeable change. You might consider a combined approach like mine to help both curvature and length using a stretcher in combination with a good pumping regimen.

All the Best,


I pump and use a stretcher and would be very disappointed if I lost my upward curve.

My 1.75” tube is tight to get into with a full erection, the 2” is better.

I have bought a 2.25” tube which I have not tried out yet as I only pack the first 3” of the 2” tube.

I’m okay with the curve - doesn’t bother me any and I think my wifey likes it so I’m okay with it. My statement was just pointing out that pumping didn’t straighten my curve that I’ve noticed. :)

Thanks for all the replies fellows.

Spark, Blue, and Boog: it was nice to hear your opinions being that we share a goal.

Avo, thanks for your information regarding what you’ve found from those actively straightening a curve. When ordering a cylinder, do you base your width on the measurement of the location of greatest girth (base in my situation)? There is a difference of like 2.5”+ (girth) between my head and base, I am slightly concerned about any unsafe pressure variations that might develop.

Thanks again.

I think in your case, measure the point of greatest girth and buy a tube .25” wider than that. Nearly everyone begins to pack a tube from the base of the shaft up. If I understand correctly, you go from wide to narrower from the base up? In this case, the vacuum pressures would be equal all around because your glans would not cause a blockage at the top, denying vacuum to the shaft below.



Cool, thanks Avo.

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