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Stop kegeling

Stop kegeling

If my erection angle is at about 11 o’clock and rock hard, should I stop kegeling because I would like to have a lower erection angle?

My erection angle lowered when I was manual stretching (particularly from BTC and stretching straight down) and I did do some hanging for a while at those angles.

What’s basically happening is you’re stretching your suspensory ligaments at those angles mostly which are located at the base of you’re penis and over enough time usually peoples erection angles lower from that.

My advice is don’t stop the kegals. It may make you have not as strong an erection which would lower you’re erection but that’s not the solution to me. It’s better to have a rock hard dick with good EQ then a softer one. Just focus on stretching your ligs and you’re erection angle will lower , plus you might make some quick easy length gains.

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