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Kegeling for newbies a bad idea?

Kegeling for newbies a bad idea?

I read from this link: DLD Blasters…Un-Real Length Gains

That a overly strong PC muscle will make it harder to gain in length.

It’s been a month so far and I haven’t gain in any length or width. I’ve been doing a lot of kegels however. I was wondering if I should stop kegeling?

Since Kegeling strengthens your PC muscles for people who don’t know.

Thanks for the link that was helpful as always. That was very indepth. I thought it was the PC muscle that was mainly strengthened because it kept being repeated on this board.

Rather than start a new thread, I have another question.

I use a hot shower as a warm wrap prior to PEing and afterwards. When I jelq, my penis becomes plump which I assume is what you want. But afterwards when I take a hotshower, my penis reverts back to its normal flaccid state.

Should I stop with the hotshower and go with something else?
Or am I doing jelqing wrong?

I think I am going to stop the hot shower to see if its the hot shower that is making my penis normal flaccid or just time itself.

I actually found something with my search.

Apparently it could be due to water shrinkage. Still a good idea to follow up with a hot shower though?

Personally I never used a warm down. I did use a warm wrap before PE, but just let things return to normal without heat. While there are many techniques and suggestions here, PE comes down to what works for you. Try it both ways and stick with the one that you like.

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