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Still confused about "pain" and "soreness"

Still confused about "pain" and "soreness"

So I think this has been discussed in other threads but I’m still unclear:

After a relatively intense stretch/jelq session I sometimes get a feeling of a light pain, like a sting, that either hangs around or comes in waves for a few hours following the session. It’s not really an intense pain but it’s also uncomfortable. Think I just went a little too far with it?

Basically what level of pain/uncomfort or whatever you want to call it is a clear sign that something is wrong. I know it’s hard to put into words but still

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But ‘still’ what? And what’s this thread title?

I think there should be some slight soreness from the stretching but it shouldn’t be to much. Just take it easy for a few days. Do a slightly lighter routine and see how it works. Doing to much does nothing at all. It can sometimes work against you. It’s hard not to want to do heavy PEing after seeing some gains. Just know that over training is not good for your dick.

Usually if something is wrong you know, discomfort is normal in PE and it sounds like your just overly paranoid.

I have never gotten pains from manual stretching and jelqing though and I go at it pretty intense.

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And a small about of bruising is normal with jelqing.

See if this helps you understand the difference between pain and soreness.

Let me ask this, on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 = no pain and 10 = I want morphine, where is your level.

1-3: I can handle this, its uncomfortable, but doesn’t impact my activity level.

4-6: Its beginning to impact my activity level, not a lot, but I notice it more.

7-9: All I can think about is this damn pain, I want it to go away. I can no longer enjoy my normal activity level, where’s the nearest hospital.

Even at level 1 to 3, you should consult a doctor, because I have found that at that level, if the pain is ignored it gets to the highest level.

With PE, anything above a 1 to a 2 should be considered to much pain. This isn’t suppose to hurt, some soreness, level 1/2 can be expected.

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