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Stem Cell Penis Enlargement


Stem Cell Penis Enlargement

Hey guys The following is just a thought that came to mind which I decided to share with everyone here and see if anyone else had any opinions on it this matter.

I have been recently reading up a lot on stem cell research and it’s application in medical science. In a nutshell stem cells are unspecialized cells that can become any kind of tissue imaginable. So for example if a bunch of stem cells are placed in the damaged lung, after awhile stem cells repair the damage by becoming the cells that compose the lung, similarly if they are placed in the heart they will become cardio cells/vascular cells.

It has also been discovered that full grown humans have stem cells that are currently in their body, in some organs, those are called adult stem cells and differ a little bit from what I am describing right now, but non the less those adult stem cells repair the organs when they become damaged. It has also been suggested that stem cells could create new neural cells (brain tissue), it was a common belief for many years that brain & nerve cells can not be restored or repaired once they are damaged.

Currently there is such a thing as Cord Blood Banks, which are basically banks that preserve the blood from the umbilical cord when the baby is born. (It is fairly inexpensive, about $1500 collection costs, and around $120 a year per storage. Most banks offer a package around $3000 which covers collection and first 18 years of storage)
This cord blood contains unspecialized stem cells of your baby…… now the beauty of these stems cells is that they could be multiplied…In proper conditions they will divide and form new unspecialized stem cells that are identical to the original. And those stem cells will be compatible with the immediate family members. So for example, if you have stem cells of your son or daughter then you or your wife or even other children can use those stem cells in case some horrible (currently treatable with stem cells) disease strikes. It’s also important to mention that stem cell research is happening world wide and new diseases will be cured with it in the future.

Anyhow…. After reading all this information I started thinking, would it be possible to use stem cells to increase the size of the penis?? Since stem cells are unspecialized and can become any tissue, and if we already have some stem cells from one of our children, and we do PE, which causes micro tears thus “damages” or penis….could an injection of some stem cells after a workout over an extended period of time be a true form of PERMENANT penis enlargement?

You know, I was thinking about this exact same thing a few days ago. Then I thought about the sheer number of cells it would take in order to see a gain.It would have to be continued injections over a long period of time. As far as cementing gains, I think there may be something there.

We won’t know until we have a study!

Well, since cells have an amazing ability to divide themselves, I don’t think that the number of cells would be a very big problem (A bit costly perhaps)But yes you are right, the injections will have to be done over an extended period of time, and you have to “damage” your penis with PE continually. But on the flip side of the coin that would be the most NATURAL penis enlargement.

Yea, I was thinking about this in the past, but as it was pointed out, how many cells does it take to see something? But also I think you have to cut or rip into the wall then inject the cells in order to repair the wall, like repairing the gap, if you were just to inject them you would figure they would just attach themself to the inside part of the wall. But I was looking into something else, but for some reason I’m brain dead right now. It has to do with restarting the growth process again. When it pops back in, I’ll write it down.

But how do we get stem sells compatible with our body? From where?

Yes, coming to a future near you: Penis Farms, where penis’s are grown in petri dishes and then harvested for transplanting.
Can you imagine the window shopping that’s going to be going on?

Personally I’d like to see then do livers and kidneys first. Maybe even lungs.

I’m pretty sure Tube’s on top of the Penis Farms Futures.

Originally Posted by Nick666
But how do we get stem sells compatible with our body? From where?

Adult stem cells exist are present in all tissues (Vacanti, M. P., A. Roy, J. Cortiella, L. Bonassar, and C. A. Vacanti. 2001. Identification and initial characterization of spore-like cells in adult mammals. J Cell Biochem 80:455-60.)

For more information, a reasonable place to start is the Wikipedia Stem cell page.


The whole concept of stem cells and what knowledge of them infers in terms of what’s possible is really totally outrageous, Star Trek shit. The mystery and possibility of them really traces back to the human “blastocyst” which is what we all are when we’re just a few cells old. there’s no bone, no brain, no liver, no eye, and definite NO DICK. lol. At that point we’re just an agglomeration of what’s called “blastal cells”. Due to some poorly understood mechanism/s out of this blastal medium everything we are begins to sprout and differentiate.

From everything I know from paying attention in science class, undergraduate Biology studies, and a life spent studying the body in relation to chemistry and so on, I would conclude from the gut level that yes, stem cells (from compatible sources) would definite aid in healing the ole’ dicky and sealing up micro tears and such vis-a-vis those stem cells differentiating into the same type of cells as those needing repair.

One of the most interesting damn things I have EVER come across is research which points to the way in which the stem cells “decide” what kind of cell to turn into- I mean, what, does the cell next door whisper over to them, “hey, buddy, you’re be LUNG CELL now”???

The most obvious and desirous answer for the chemists, drug companies, and others like them would be for the stem cells to be receiving their prompts *chemically* because then the mechanism would be on ground which is more familiar to the bio-medical establishment. Indeed, chemistry *does* seem to play a very significant role. However, what I find most interesting is that a connection has emerged between cellular differentiation and bio-magnetism. From what I’ve read, it really seems as though the crossover point between energy and matter is becoming palpable. It appears that while there is certainly a lot of “intention” to chemicals and the ways they intelligently fit in the scheme of things as “programmers” that other, more mysterious, and less understood and examined forces are also acting to make us who we are- i.e. magnetism or “pure energy” so to speak.

whooooaa nelly!!!! science lecture full stop!

Anyway, bottom line is that chemicals alone cannot instruct a blastal cell to “do the right thing” and that ultra minute magnetic forces which seem to relate directly to the bio magnetism of the earth itself are also relevant and testably in play. If interested, google up the book, “Body Electric” and amazon it into your life. It’s a very early look at stem cells from the perspective of the human blastocyst and certain creatures who regenerate body parts through a stem cell like action- i.e. lizards who regrow tails and salamanders who regrow whole limbs!!!

In this same vein, there’s been serious research into splicing salamander genes into human cells so as to “manufacture” a regenerative, blastal type cell using your own cells as a template thereby avoiding the moral issue of using extraneous fetal tissues.

So here I’ve got to take the shot because It’s laying there for me to take it:

Would you shoot salamander cells into your dick for a bigger unit?


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Stem cells are first neutral at first, until you put it were you want it to be, so it can be a nerve cell or a muscle cell, skin, or what ever cell.

Ok, so let`s say my girl gives birth to my baby now (yeah right…) I presume that in the ombilical cord there are large amounts(?) of stem cells . I tell the doctor to preserve all the cells for future use, and from what I read that can be done. How long does it take, after injecting the cells, before they transform in newer ones? a month? I “divide my quantity of stem cells” into 12 injections, I do heavy PE for 12 months and in each month I take one injection. That would be an interesting experiment.

I agree there’s probably a good chance they would help but it would be very difficult to do and expensive.

Combined with a PE routine surely they’d help - but it’s a fantasy, it’s not going to happen easily.

Well It’s certainly not an easy task, and you will need to cough up some dough to multiply the cells.. They do that. And I am not sure how exactly you would inject the cells in to your cock. But if this matter is researched, and it proves to be possible then it’s only the matter of time until the cost of the procedure drops tremendously.

Even if we are not meant to benefit from it in our live times, perhaps our children will (How noble is that ?? Lol)

Originally Posted by Nick666
Ok, so let`s say my girl gives birth to my baby now (yeah right…) I presume that in the ombilical cord there are large amounts(?) of stem cells.

Hmmm… Just to be clear in what I was attempting to say above:

Adult stem cells are present in all tissues of adult mammals. In other words, stem cells can be harvested from you for use in your body.

For more information, a reasonable place to start is the Wikipedia Stem cell page.

Ironically, it is likely that you are already using the stem cells that already exist in your penis as part of the process of getting gains from NPE.


To do something like PE with stem cells, you would need to use your own cells to grow a big penis, then graft it on. Immediate family members do not always have compatible stem cells, and you would feel pretty stupid if your body rejected a new dick that you replaced a perfectly health dick with.

I don’t think PE studies involving stem cells will be on the cards any time soon. This is an emerging science and people are already having to fight to be able to do research. Debating stem cells for (from a medical perspective) a frivolous subject like PE compared to potential treatments for leukaemia, dementia, Parkinson’s, myelodysplasia; serious and life-threatening illnesses, detracts from the work that is going on.

I know having a small penis is very serious to some people, but the safest (and lets face it only) way to embiggen your tackle is with exercises like jelqing, or just to come to terms with your size.

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