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stem cell

stem cell

I read that someone was talking about how Men’s Health did an article on some scientists that removed cell from a mouse penis, cultured them and then implanted them back into the penis for a successful size gain. I have always wondered if this sort of thing could be achieved through stem cell studies. Embryonic stem cells can be made into any cells of the body. If made into erectile tissue the could then be injected for what would seem to be a successful size gain. I know that stem cell research is very controversial but this was just a thought.

You selfish bastard.

Alright you idiot….never once in my post did I say that I was getting ready to do this technique so how can you refer to me as a selfish bastard. Did I say that I was having it done. Did you not read the last line of my post. It says something to the degree of…I realize this is a controversial issue but this was JUST A THOUGHT. Before you start calling me anything maybe you should get your shit straight. You are probably to stupid to have any sort of intelligent conversation on the ethics of stem cell research. So I suggest that you take your extensive vocabulary and your insults back to the mobile home.


I believe he was making a joke. There’s no evidence from his other posts that he is inherently rude. In fact, he once called someone on a post that was thoughtless.

Back to your subject. Stem cell research is as important to human health as any I can think of during my lifetime. If bladder cells or heart cells can be grown (“manufactured”), why not penis cells?

The problem is that this research faces many deep politial potholes. Its progress will be slowed.



He’s right, I was just kidding.

I’m sorry, I guess that I should have made it more obvious.

When I first saw this post, I immediately thought of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Reeve, and how they’re always in washingotn trying to get more funding for stem cell research.

I got a funny mental picture of one of us guys addressing congress; “We need more funding for stem cell research, so that I can get a bigger dick. Oh, and I guess curing all those diseases and stuff would be pretty good too.”

I apologize for losing my cool. I just felt like you were taking shots at me so I responded. Just a little misunderstanding. Everything is fine here.

That’s pretty funny Insane_man. Just goes to show how narrow-minded one can be in trying to achieve PE results.


"It's the size that matters, not how you use it..."

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