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My new penis enlargement website!


My new penis enlargement website!

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Do not go to the site, it has a worm!

Hey guys,

Don’t waste your time guys, this jerk’s site has a worm. The directions for removing the worm were posted on another forum.

Here’s the link:…um=104366236 2


Thunder, I did not have any problem opening the videos, but I do have a file called server.exe on my computer. don’t know what it will do, if bad. Might better check it out. If some of you know what this will do, let me know. I can’t delete it, says it is being used by windows. Iowa

How to remove the worm

Hey guys,

This is a quote from the site:

“Not really a virus. The bastard installs a program called Server.exe onto your computer and makes an entry in your registry so it starts up everytime. The program disables your anti-virus program and can also knock out your internet connection. The only way to stop it is to start in SAFE mode…look for a file called server with the most recent date. Then look through your registry and delete the entry for server in the runas key. “

As you can see this isn’t something to take lightly. Could someone post the instructions on I am unable to get there because of a 504 Gateway timeout. Thanks.



He’s been made. He won’t post again.


Too late!

I entered his site and clicked on the video links. I went there right after he posted here. He had several videos there and I was so happy to see them there. I downloaded the “mini-jelqs video” and everything was fine. I saw the short video about 10-15 seconds long. Then when I clicked on the videos below that one I had trouble downloading it. I got a cannot find server page. I thought oh well it’s probably my isp. Two hours later my internet connetion finally worked. Did the worm die out or something? Everything else in my computer works except no more anti virus software or firewall.

Is there any way I can download the other videos?

Worm trouble.

It screwed up my laptop. I’m working on getting it fixed.

I ran my AVG anti virus software. I still have a hidden infected virus. It can’t do anything about it. Here is the location of the virus:
c:documents and settings\administrator\local settings\temporary internet files\content.ie5\hra2cmef\minijelq[1].zip:\minijelq.exe

I tried going there and to delete it, but it’s hidden. Under virus name it says: “warning: hidden extension.exe”
But I did delete the minijelq movie and the zip file it came with.

Anyone know how I can get rid of this hidden file?

Tell him what you think about his website

Hey guys,

Look what I found.

Give him an honest opinion. OK?


“Under virus name it says: “warning: hidden extension.exe”“

How can you even function properly with file extensions hidden???

You can’t ‘rename’ something to a different filename extension, fiddle with certain data files in notepad etc… that just sucks…
..As a programmer I am outraged at the default settings..

and apparantly for laymen people it’s asking for trouble also. ;)

To turn file extension hiding off, go to any folder in your computer, click View->Folder Options

then in the dialog choose the View tab and from the list untick “Hide file extensions for known file types”It’s also a good idea to select “show all” for the top radio buttons on the list, so that there aren’t any files hidden from you…

Just dont go deleting all those ‘new’ files revealed in your root dir, just ‘coz you dont know what they are!!
(I actually did this once, a long, long time ago, and killed my pc for a while LoL)

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