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Startoff and are there other Guys my Size?

Startoff and are there other Guys my Size?

Hi Everyone! Regrets for my poor English but I try and do my best;-)

So I finally realized that its time to change something, and i guess everyone knows what i´m talking about.

Ok i start of with : 5.12” in length errected
4.33” in girth

I don´t know about goals I can reach can anyone tell me who started
at nearly same stats??

I bougth myself the Penimaster, that´s a strecher and I also plan to do
some Jelqin. Don´t know exactly wich method but i guess i just try out ;-)

Would be nice if anyone would awnser!

THX and good luck to all!

A Newbie Primer is the best all around look at the place. Many cool tips on there for you.

Some good subheaders are these:QUICK START GUIDE TO PE
Penis Enlargement FAQ
Link to bad forum (forumid 33) removed
Newbie Routine

This will help you find people who started around your intial size.
Penis Enlargement Statistics Site Just hit view data on that page and browse through it.

Welcome aboard! We have many German nationals here that can help you out when a question is just too difficult to phrase exactly into English for you. Plus your English is very decent, better than some speakers who were born in an English speaking country.;)

Any questions feel free to post please.


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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

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First of all, Welcome!

I started with less length (although a little more girth) than you and have increased my length to more than 6.75” erect.

My gains all came by way of manual stretching and wet jelqing.

I think twatteaser has given you a great start as far as reading goes, and as he says, don’t be afraid to ask.


Alot of us started a bit on the small side. In two months I’ve gained 1 inch in length and .75 inch in girth. PE WORKS!!!!! Check out Size’s PE DATA BASE at the bottom of the page to see what people have gained since they have started. PE WORKS!!!!! READ everything you can, take all that knowledge and put it to good use. Be patient, be persistent, be smart about it (don’t overtrain), and the gains will come.

Welcome aboard!!!!!!!!!!!


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