Starting to get the PE into my main day


Just wanted to share alittle about my experience sofar.
I started 3 months ago with doing Jelqs 15 minutes a day 5/2 week. After a month I then tried to do the stretches before the Jelq session. With a small flacid size and small hand I found it to be rather hard to do usefull stretches. So I stopped with the stretches and ordered a PenimasterPro instead. I continued with the jelqing as usual. After 2 weeks the PenimasterPro arrived. I took it slow and tried to learn thourough how the PenimasterPro worked. Especially the vaccumcup was important to get right. I have read the manual and so on and soforth. So now the last few days I have strated to wear the belt daytime. Started with 1 hour sessions adding up to 3 hours a day. Now I am trying to wear the belt 3 hours before lunch, 3 hours after 1 hour rest after lunch and then 1 hour rest again and then I do the Jelqsession, now extended to 30 minutes, and after 1 hour rest again then I use 3 hours with the spring extender at evenings. It has been both succes and failures. First I missed the little plastic bits that are supposed to be in the vaccumcup so it fits the penis right. Then I sucked the glans in with a totaly flacid penis. It should be alitle blood filled according to the manual. But after some tries I am now wearing it with comfort as comfortably as a stretch can be.
I have not gained any measurable cm’s ( maybe som mm’s ). But my Penis looks way more “aggresive” and it has a very nice erect pose. It feels really good!

If anyone is thinking of buying a strecther I can recommed the PenimasterPro, even if its quite expensive. It is made in Germany and the quality is very good all over. The important thing is to do the vaccuminsertion the right way and then everything will be fins. Do not over do it. The manual states that a 3 hour session should be the max time. And that you can do 9 - 12 hours a day to gain result.

/ Soulmedeep