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Question about after noob routine

Question about after noob routine

I’m in my 2nd month of PE and been doing the newbie routine 6 on 1 off the whole time without fail. I’m thinking after my 3rd or 4th month to add hanging device or traction device to my routine. I understand hanging and sorta the traction. Is one better than the other for a semi noob? Meaning is 1 to intense to start so soon. Both are expensive and don’t wanna buy 1 I cannot use for awhile:) Thx for any answers.

On another note I’ve found myself to be obsessed with PE. I started thinking ok what the hell. Maybe it will work or maybe not. Now I am so driven. Maybe more so than with anything I’ve ever done. Hate taking days off, make time no matter what to do the workout, feel like doing more even when I’m done for the day already. Anyway just amazed I’m so focused lol.

You haven’t been reading enough. If you had, you would certainly know about the Captains Wench hanging device that you can make for under 20 bucks.

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