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Starting the Noob routine today


Well I believe I’m noticing positive PI’s which I’m excited for. When I got home last night and layed down for bed I got an erection and It seemed a hell of a lot fuller than previously and it was a rock. It was so hard that it got a little sore. I measured and I got a bpel of 7” which is a half an inch higher than my initial measuring. Now I’m not saying that I gained I just think it’s from EQ, and that I possible wasn’t completely hard when I did my first measures. So I’m going to stick to the changes I made in my newbie routine and see how that works for me. Todays my day off and I’m excited to start again tomorrow.

You will experience so called newbie gains, it’s normal. But don’t think your quest for a bigger dick is over. Keep growing that thing bro.

"If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." -Bruce Lee

Well done bro. I can see that once you start seeing results it’ll be difficult to stop PE! All the best dude

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Believe me I’m not even close to being done lol, I’m enjoying my results just while masturbating I can’t wait until my girlfriend gets back and she can enjoy them with me. I’m just saying I’m not going to get ahead of myself and contribute this to gains as I’ve only been doing this for a week. The only thing that I’m wondering about is that with my current length I already hurt my girlfriend if I go too deep so I really am not looking for length I primarily want girth, and I know that you can’t necessairily pick what you want especially when your first starting but what can a noob try for girth without putting alot of risk in there? I did some jelq squeezes as a part of my last routine and I noticed the difference with them. Should I just do a few with each routine with regular jelqs and gradually build up would that be a good route to take?

Hey dude personally I wouldn’t kegel whilst warming up or at least not too much as a dick engorged with blood is a dick that is harder to stretch. If I was gunna jelq yeah, but not stretch. Also you raise an interesting point about BC muscle. I have a confession here which is despite the fact that I wear a 2.2lbs ADS for hours a day and do a higher intensity routine than yourself my EQ has been awesome lately. The kicker is I don’t kegel anymore unless I am jelqing and am starting to believe that doing 5=10 minute kegel routines like I used to, was harming my EQ. Just a thought.

You should really devote time and effort to jelqing, learn to love it they make a huge difference to the appearance of your dick and EQ, faster than stretching for me.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Today while doing my routine well trying to do my routine I was finding it difficult to sustain erection levels good enough for jelqing. I eventually got frustrated and stopped. I’m thinking it might have to do with being distracted as I have some things going on right now but I’m not totally sure. My erections besides that are great. I can get it back if I start going fast like I’m masturbating but once I get back to jelqing again I start losing it. Any suggestions that can help my problem.

Ok I went to do my routine today and after stretching before I started jelqing I noticed a spot on the side of my penis, it looks like a bruise. I’m sure that it is from adding intensity yesterday and I didn’t do my routine today because I wanted to get a chance to check up on it and ask. Is this just spotting that is normal, it’s not a very big spot but still wanted to be sure first. If it is nothing then ill probably dry jelq before bed so I don’t miss a day.

Ok, I’m approaching week 2 of PE and am starting to feel discouraged. I know not to expect gains from three weeks and thats not what I’m talking about but I’m talking about EQ. At first I thought I was noticing a difference but I think that it was just my mind playing tricks on me because I’ve really been paying attention and I havent noticed much at all. I havent noticed harder erections, or more frequent but I havent lost EQ either it’s pretty much been about the same. So is this a sign that maybe I should amp up my routine a little bit. Yesterday was my off day and the day before that I did a stronger routine than I have done before (regular warm up and stretch with 200 jelqs with pretty strong force). So should I try this a few more times and then go harder. I was hoping to see good changes before my girlfriend got home and I havent noticed much and it’s discouraging.

Bump and in my previous post I meant week 3 not two

I gained 1.1 inches so far from just jelqing and stretching so the newbie routine is perfect for beginners.

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