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Starting Over - No More Over-training

Starting Over - No More Over-training

I have resolved in my mind to renew my PE quest, but merely saying it to myself is not enough. I am formally declaring my new dedication here. Eventually, I will memorialize my efforts in a progress report thread, but I have not yet earned the credentials. Hopefully, once I do start such a thread, it will keep me accountable.

I took some time away from PE last month to study after about seven months without gains. Those were consistent months, and they followed a few years of very inconsistent PE, also without gains. During those seven months, I was hopeful that achieving consistency would lead to gains, but it did not. I worked rather hard during that time, with a reasonably intensive routine. Now, I understand that others have worked hard and stayed consistent for periods longer than just seven months and still have seen no gains. Nonetheless, I expected to see at least a tenth of an inch. I got nothing, and I conclude that I was over-training the whole time.

Hopefully, less is more for me. Even though it feels wrong to quit a routine when it seems as if it just got started, that is what I will do. I hope that I will soon become a proud supporter and advocate of the “less is more” theory.

Were you performing the appropriate warm-ups and warm-downs? Skipping those can rob you of any results no matter what your workout.

Starting Jan 2009 - 5.9375" EL x 5.5" EG. Jun 2009 - 6" BPEL x 5.5" EG. Nov 2011 - 6.5" BPEL x 5.2" EG

Goal: 7" EL. Girth is fine as it is, but any incidental gains are welcome!

I started out using hot water. Halfway through, I switched to a rice sock, which I feel works much better. I am now doing 7 minute warm-ups with it.

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