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Starting base girth vs. length gains

Starting base girth vs. length gains

I’m posting this thread in an effort to prove/disprove the rubber band theory. The theory is that increased girth hinders length gains. If those who are interested would oblige, I would be happy to tally the results after a few weeks to get a better idea of the validity of this theory. I basically need to know everyone’s starting base girth, and the length gains they received in lets say: Their first serious year of PE.

I’ll basically focus on starting base girth, but if members are so obliged, I could try to factor in mid-shaft erect girth also.

I haven’t been able to find such a poll in existence on here, and am trying to get some answers due to a recent thread:

Want some length? Easy enough…

Most threads which discuss this topic are mainly members throwing around ideas without actual numbers, and success/failure stories to back them up.

Thanks everyone, I’m really interested in the results.

I was going to put together a poll, but considering the variations between girth measurements, and actual length gain…I imagine its best if we could all post our starting measurements, and initial gains after a year, or less of serious PE.

Good luck with your quest for data! The rubber band theory might be right, but I don’t think it is the “rubber band” that makes length gains hard (if that’s actually true). I think it is because when doing a jelq, for example, there is more surface area on the shaft that decreases the pressure that goes toward the head. If there’s less internal pressure at the head, then there will be less length gains.

It appears modestoman already has a poll going for this particular subject matter:

Does Big Girth Kill Length Gains?

No sense beating a dead horse.

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