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Starting on the newbie routine.Again

Starting on the newbie routine.Again

I have been reading on these forums for quite some time and have done some PE on random occasions, but haven’t really stuck to a routine yet. I guess my problem is that I am lacking motivation, but I really do want a bigger dick. Anyways here are my starting stats:

NBPEL - 6.6in.
EG - 5in.

My goal is probably the standard 8x6. But I will probably want it bigger once I reach my goal :) .

So my question is this.
What motivated you to start PE?

A warm welcome from one _gainer to another ;)

My motivation to start PE was that I wasted to feel comfortable around a partner. I am hoping for flaccid gains as much as I am erect ones. For me it would be great to be able to just walk around, have a shower, just do the every-day things really without feeling small. Obviously erect gains are just as important and I’m hoping for a decent amount of success on both fronts.

Best of luck with your goals. :thumbs:


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