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Another newbie! (Includes starting #'s)

Another newbie! (Includes starting #'s)

Hey there folks!

Been doing a lot of reading here, and after the research, I’ve come to the conclusion I’d be foolish to not work out and improve my member. So, this
morning was my first PE session- using the Newbie routine.

However, as I have class, work, and a family, it’s going to be tough to go 2 days on, one day off, more likely every other day- should I expect this to work against me?

Additionally, I’m a little concerned that overworking my penis may cause some sexual hangups- my wife and I have a very active sex life, and I don’t want to change that. Currently we have some form of morning sex every day, and every night we have sex at least once. My PE time is after the morning sex, but before work, and I’m hoping my body will still be able to perform in the evening. Any comments?

My starting #s:
6.5” x 4.625” No pics yet, but these measurements should be very solid- I’ll post pics as soon as I get an actual ruler to take them with. (Measuring tape.. no)

Welcome to the board BurbankBlue!

Kind of difficult to say whether or not the 1 on / 1 off schedule will work against you. Different people respond to different types of schedules. I don’t think that it will work against gaining girth, but length, it probably will. Of course, that’s just one man’s opinion. There have been many threads about schedules, what works best, what doesn’t, so check out the search function and see what pops up.

And if you do PE after your morning sex quickies, you should be ready to go by your evening sex. As long as you give him a few hours rest, you’ll be good to go, and if not, then try different rest schedules and things should be fine. Good luck with the gains, and keep us posted on your progress!

Let me get this straight, you are married and have sex twice a day! I might have to tell my wife tonight about Thunders just so I can have her read your post. Keep up that routine for as long as you can my friend.

Anyway, welcome and good luck to you. I think most guys can get results with 1 on 1 off as long as you start slow and continue to increase intensity along the way. Remember that it takes time for most to see results and stick with it.

Go BIG or go home! 1/1/04 7" X 5.25" BPEL 6" NBP 1/31/04 7.25" X 5.25" BPEL 6 1/8" NBP

Maybe you can try doing your PE in the bathroom while you shower. Atleast that is what I’m planning to do. I am new at PE aswell and I am planning on having my first session in about an hour when I shower.

You are right however. Not having will to increase the size of your member is plain foolish! I have a friend who is well built with a huge dick and he is a diety among other men and a sex god to many woman. ;)

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