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Started Clamping

Started Clamping

So I bought some cable clamps and they arrived within a couple days. I’m new to clamping so what I’ve been doing is clamping it and then watching some porn. So far I do 10 minutes on 10 minutes off. I do three reps of these. Now I’ve read that you should only go 1 day on then 1 day off. So one day clamp, next day take a break. I’m looking to gain some length though and I know clamping isn’t meant for that but I just want to be bigger. So one question is how long should I stay on this routine before I should bump it up? What will help with length? I’ve been doing stretches also but I don’t seem to be making any gains. Any help would be awesome!

I have wondered about clamping ,, I’m not sure I really know what it is.Now, once your penis is erect, you clamp the base to keep the trapped in it this makes your girth grow ??iniakes your girth an

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Getting Thick

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Yeah its a bit freaky when veins start popping out. Also in my waiting period I’m dry jelqing. Gains do seem to be very slow tho.


Just out of curiosity: is this your first attempt at PE or is there a specific reason you chose clamping as exercise?

Or otherwise asked: what stops you from starting with the Newbie routine?

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I’ve been doing the newbie routine. Maybe not the exact newbie routine but as close I as can. And I’ve been doing that for awhile but don’t really see any changes so that is why I chose to change to this and see with this works. I’m also thinking about a pump or maybe an extender.

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