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Clamping and using an extender

Clamping and using an extender

Hey guys, I thought I’d ask a question here as my searches on this topic have returned very little information. I’m interested in knowing if anyone uses or has used an extender, in combination with clamping. I don’t mean at the same time or anything crazy like that, but as part of the same over all routine.

To give a little bit of background info as to why I am asking this:

I have been doing PE for almost exactly 2 years now. To begin with I was concentrating on length only, as I have read many times that gaining length is only feasible before girth gains. I started with the newbie routine slowly moving up to a more intense, longer version of said routine. When gains stopped I switched to hanging for about 6 months, taking a couple of decon breaks before and after the hanging. I made decent gains of 0.9 inches, but all within the first 6 months. The 18 months after that have been fruitless. Hanging was what I tried after the manual routines (by the end taking almost 2 hours at a time) stopped working, unfortunately it too had no effect and I never really felt comfortable with the process.

So last winter I decided to give length gains up and concentrate on girth, which has always been my main concern anyway. I started with a routine of dry jelqs and Ulis but quickly decided that my dick felt too conditioned to be affected by such manual exercises and started clamping. I’ve been clamping for 3 months now and am happy with the results. Nothing concrete in terms of measurements yet but there is a substantial feeling of growth and I actually enjoy the process as an added bonus.

However I have started feeling slightly disappointed that I will really never be gaining any more length (unless clamping gives me some which I read is very rare). So I was wondering if I could use my day off clamping for some stretch work. I don’t really want to go the hanging route again as I feel it didn’t suit me and don’t believe that manual exercises done every third day are going to have any real effect. This leaves me with the option of using an extender, something I have zero experience with. Since I work at home in front of a computer, using such a device for long periods of time would not be too inconvenient. I do have some silicon ADS sleeves which are another possibility, but am not sure if they would provide enough traction (maybe the hard red ones would if I could get the damn things on!).

So basically I wanted to ask if anyone has experience of clamping and using an extending and has any advice on whether they think this could work. Also, whether it would actually be dangerous and not advisable at all would be very useful to know as well as any other pertinent advice.

Thanks in advance!

This might start a big argument, but I don’t think girth gains will affect length gains. That is if they’re done at the same time. Hanging, or using an extender are things you will have to do everyday. You shouldn’t take days off with either one of these workouts. At least that’s the consensus. Since you work from home, you’re already ahead of the game. I’d work clamping into your schedule. Maybe three days a week.

Did you notice any increase in your base girth while hanging? I did, and others have reported the same.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll have to consider completely reworking my routine to fit in an extender then. Hopefully the two exercises might even complement each other. Working out which extender to go for is a whole other issue now.

As for gaining base girth from hanging, I really can’t say I did unfortunately. Apart from flaccid growth immediately after a session I really didn’t get any gains from hanging which was a real disappointment. I was hoping it would get me another inch to reach my initial goal.

Well you are working the same piece of flesh.

I think its a matter of intensity. Some low intensity and short clamping sessions inbetween extender sessions may work.

Get the sg extender Its very solid.

Have you checked this one out. It’s made be a Thunder’s member named Monkeybar.

Ah yes I already own the AutoXleeve and was happy with that, maybe that’s a good reason to choose their extender. The SG extender certainly looks good as well, although a fair bit more extensive. Difficult to know whether the vac system is best or not.

Vac system all the way!! I used a basic Jess for three years and made good progress 2 Plus inches but the noose and or comfort straps are painful to wear even after you are conditioned to it I struggled with three solid hours every day.Got the vac mod for my Jess a month ago and am able to do 5 hours a day every day since and I do notice a huge difference in flacid hang already!

Daiymo: That sounds like amazing progress, was that with just an extender or other exercises too? Can I also ask where you got this ‘vac mod’ from, I’ve had a bit of a search but am not quite sure what I’m actually looking for.. Thanks.

Originally Posted by nikvandoodle

Daiymo: That sounds like amazing progress, was that with just an extender or other exercises too? Can I also ask where you got this ‘vac mod’ from, I’ve had a bit of a search but am not quite sure what I’m actually looking for.. Thanks.

Ah ok thanks, I did find that but assumed that the people who made the JES sold an official one themselves. Seems they’re missing a trick!

Monkey bar is the man!! The auto extender products are the way to go!Just be patient he is very busy one man show.

I also do manual exercises I started with a version of the newbie routine.

Hope this helps!


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