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Thanks this is a good way for me to get started . I will be a winner,

Really helpful!!

I’m ready now to start.. I’ll come back later here with measures and everything to mark where I started :)

Thank you!

Wow ! Thanks !

Thanx. I hope I will enjoy all this information.

Hello Guys,

I am having some trouble seeing the videos?

Any advise?

When do I increase duration

The Newbie Routine looks great and everything but when do I increase duration or reps for each exercise? You guys say the penis will adapt and I’d just like to know when to increase the workload as far as reps or duration.


In the newbie routine it says that after 10 minutes of jelqing you have to use a hot wrap for 5 minutes, and then do 50 kegels. My question is, if it can cause damage or such things when you first do 50 kegels after jelqing, so that the hot wrap is the last step of the routine. Because I forgot the kegels were the last step. It didn’t hurt or anything, I even thought he was quite ‘voluminous’ at that time. So what’s the best way, do kegels before or after the hot wrap?

You can do kegels any time—before, during, or after a routine. In fact, you should experiment with doing kegels at various times and under a variety of circumstances.

Hello Thunder thanks for advices!

There is a ton of information and experience in this thread alone, I have lots to digest.


What is best for girth

Have been reading the info on this site for some time and have been jelqing and pumping

Advice and info has been very helpful

Now starting clamping

I often see the abbreviation “PI’S” or “Negative PI’s” and I don’t see it in the abbrev. Section. What is that?


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