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Originally Posted by evolve
I often see the abbreviation “PI’S” or “Negative PI’s” and I don’t see it in the abbrev. Section. What is that?

“Physical Indicators.”

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Originally Posted by rmartin
What is best for girth?

Try an advanced search, looking for the words ‘girth’, ‘girth routines’ etc in the titles only.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Originally Posted by rmartin

What is best for girth

Check this Specialized Routines

Originally Posted by Klayton
“Physical Indicators.”

Actually, I think it’s ‘physiological’ :rolleyes:

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

This is helpful. Thanks!

Thanks for the info!

I stumbled upon this website around 12/15 and have been reading as much as possible before I even started my experience. It’s been about a week since I started this routine and the initial results are making me believe! Here’s to PE!

Short Term Goal - 7.75 BPEL

Thx for the info~~!

Great! Was looking for this thread, hoping to start tonight.

Why I can’t download Videos? This is the message I get when I click download:
The connection was reset

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

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* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network

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Try logging out of, clearing your browser cache and logging in again.

EDIT: I see what you mean. We’re having a little server glitch right now and ftp transfer isn’t working. The problem has been reported. Be patient.

Hi I’m new here, great forum great help. Thanks.

Thanks for all the great information


Thanks for the info. Something else that would help out maybe is a list of abbreviations, like the ones common in signatures such as BPEL (which I guess is before penis excercising length?)


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